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2014 Winter Olympics

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Miranda Lambert offers to help Gus Kenworthy bring home Olympic stray dogs

Olympic stray dogs going to get help from Miranda Lambert?
Olympic stray dogs going to get help from Miranda Lambert?
Gus Kenworthy/Twitter

Olympian Gus Kenworthy definitely is making an impact in Sochi when it comes to the Olympic stray dogs. The Olympian already won a medal, but he is winning over the hearts of Hollywood with his quest to bring home the animals of Sochi. On Saturday Miranda Lambert offered assistance in helping Olympian Gus Kenworthy get some stray dogs home.

“Wanna help you bring these little guys home! MuttNation Foundation luvs you!” tweeted Miranda Lambert from her official Twitter account on Saturday. The country music star is heavily involved in animal rights and can be seen helping adopt dogs on a regular basis. Her support to help Kenworthy really might give the athlete a chance to make the adoptions possible.

While the world is looking at the dog population in Sochi and wondering how to help, it’s pretty obvious that the idea of adoption is going to financially be difficult for some. With vet bills, flights and other costs, it might be too much money for an owner to acquire a puppy from Russia.

Gus Kenworthy has his eye’s set on some puppies in the Olympic village and with help from some famous people, there is no doubt he will be bringing a few puppies home after his time in Sochi. Hopefully with Lambert’s help it can be more than just a couple dogs as so many people are lining up to adopt!