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Miranda Lambert brother photo: Country singer looks just like brother Luke

Miranda and Luke
Miranda and Luke
Instagram Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is usually seen walking the red carpet with her husband Blake Shelton. A new photo of her with another guy has everyone talking though. On Saturday, US Magazine shared the photo of Miranda and her brother Luke Lambert. It is very obvious they are siblings considering how much they look like each other.

This picture is one that she shared of the two out for margaritas. It looks like they are having a good time together. Miranda has on a big polka dot bandanna. Both of them have a drink in front of them and a big smile on their face. It looks like they are having a great time together. This picture shows the bond between these two.

Luke Lambert has done a great job of staying out of the spotlight. He has walked the red carpet with Miranda before, but he isn't a huge name like his sister. There are pictures of these two together on the red carpet back in 2011. It is great to see that these two had a chance to spend some quality time together. They seemed to really enjoy their time with each other. She only shared that one picture so nobody knows what else they did over the weekend.

Miranda has been quiet on her Instagram since then. Hopefully she is continuing to spend time with her brother Luke and just have some down time. According to her website, she doesn't even have another concert until July 10. Once she is back on the road again it is pretty much non-stop and fans could have a lot of chances to see her in concert. Her husband Blake recently shared that he fixed up their boat as an anniversary present. It is great for her to get a chance to get some down time with her brother and her husband instead of working hard all of the time.