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Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton not heading to Las Vegas? Singers nix offer

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert turn down Las Vegas deal
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert turn down Las Vegas deal
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The idea of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton singing together on a stage at The Colosseum in Las Vegas sounds a lot like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s current gig in Sin City. While some fans were enthusiastic to see the country music couple in Vegas, it won’t be happening anytime soon. According to TMZ on Monday, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton shot down an offer for a million bucks to perform at Caesars Palace.

The idea of performing three concerts for one million might be shocking for some fans, but for popular stars like Miranda and Blake, taking their music to the people at the venue is worth more than what was offered (1.25 million to be exact.) Unfortunately, the negotiations broke down leaving the duo unable to commit to singing in Las Vegas together. Well, at least for now.

With the new season of “The Voice” fans can only assume that Blake Shelton is busy getting ready to make a star. He will be seen every week on NBC whittling down the competition. As for Miranda Lambert, she has a new album and there is no doubt her fans will follow her no matter where she will go.

With Celine Dion going on hiatus in Las Vegas, her stage will be empty and there needs to be a popular and continuously drawing act. However it appears this is harder to fill than some people might have originally thought. Many entertainers don’t want to be tied to one city. Loving the idea of traveling to see their fans, the tour life seems to fit better than settling in one place.