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Miranda Barbour: Self-proclaimed serial killer reveals places of satanic murders

Miranda Barbour, the 19-year-old woman who claims to have killed somewhere between 23 and 100 people in a six-year satanic killing spree, has begun supplying authorities with location names where she says the alleged murders took place. The Daily Mail reported Feb. 18 that the FBI was on standby, awaiting word from authorities in several states where Barbour's confessions point to murders she may have committed.

Barbour, who has been sensationalized in the media as a "Craigslist killer" (because she and her husband, Elytte Barbour, have confessed to luring a victim to his death in Pennsylvania, where they currently await trial for said act), made international headlines when she made her horrific claims in an interview with a small local outlet, the Daily Item. She said that as part of a satanic cult, which she claims to have joined at the age of 13, she killed dozens of people in Alaska, California, North Carolina, and Texas.

"Barbour has told police of multiple locations which are being vetted," an FBI source told the Daily Mail. "Search teams have been put on standby but have not begun any digs yet. We cannot confirm how many sites have been identified by Barbour."

North Pole senior police officer Chad Rathbun has been investigating Barbour's claims in Alaska. He has found she left North Pole at the age of five and spent several years in Wasilla, the city made famous by being the home of the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

"We do not have any open missing person cases or open homicide cases that we would be at all interested in, in regards to her," Rathbun told the Mail Online.

"The only reason I don’t discount her claims is because we have people who come to Alaska all the time who want to disappear. Some are running from things and it is an easy state to do that in."

In an interview with Inside Edition, a friend to Miranda Barbour says she couldn't have done the murders. She knew her in North Carolina prior to the killing in Pennsylvania and the teen seemed to be just a regular teenage mother. She says she believes Barbour is "romanticizing" the idea of being a serial killer.

The confessed murderess, who is the mother of a one-year-old child, married Elytte Barbour in North Carolina in October 2013. After moving to Pennsylvania, she met Troy LaFerrara through a Craigslist ad for "companionship." After negotiating a price of $100 to meet for sex, Miranda Barbour and her husband of some three weeks lured the 42-year-old man to a mall, then they drove to Sunbury, Pa., where she reportedly stabbed LaFerrara 20 times while her husband held him down and strangled him with rope.

They told authorities that they wanted to kill somebody together.

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