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Miracles in friendship

The Miracle that is my friend
Photo By: Charnette Raheem

Who knew that in 1998 that I’d meet someone that I would spend such quality time with, that I’d learn so much from, and be privy to the miracles of life with? Who knew that when I asked, God answered; you are the miracle that I needed. I met my best friend.

Sixteen years ago I met someone who would change my life, my best friend. And it took a journey to get the title of best friend. I had nothing to do with it and everything to do with it. I asked, she came, and now we are here.

I met Charnette Raheem when I was turning 30. I don’t know why, but I do. I know why we were drawn together. I wanted something I never had seen before and it was rough, and it was tough, and now it’s just us. I don’t say that Charnette has no other best friends or other friends. But I just know that we’ve earned that title. I haven’t been there the whole sixteen years but I was privy to be at a distance at times and way too close at others and I wouldn’t trade any of it. It was real. It still is.

She and I, we can pick up where we left off and it is beautiful. It’s crazy but I just realized it, just today. I’ve always loved her, and I know that she has always loved me. That’s the kind of person she is. She’s good but she’s real and I hate it when those she loves won’t let her be real. I’ve tried to see it from their point of view but I don’t know how. I guess I just want what she wants. No matter what that is.

There’s been a time where I was being called in the middle of the night or while working out and being there by a bed side to a person that I had not long ago met. It was immediate. The friendship that is. Something that wasn’t ever forced. We were just good to each other. I’d like to think that we were. I have other friends but this one has stretched me in ways that no one person could ever imagine. We can talk that deep talk. We can laugh together with no interruptions. I don’t ever think that I was searching for this. I don’t think that I would’ve even known what to ask for in a friend, to ask for this.

No one has ever asked me what her friendship means to me but I’ll tell you. She has been instrumental in growing me up. She’s helped me grow since the day I met her. Did I mention I love that chick? I do. She’s been straight up ever since. She doesn’t pull any punches and I’ve never mind either. That’s really what I love about her. She is just as tough as she is sweet and she cares about people. Some things that she tells me about the people who look to her to inspire them while I know that she’s tired and ready to give up. Sometimes I would lay right beside her if I could because I can feel she’s ready some days but she feels like she’s got to be here for everyone else. Girl, I am tired.

I’m tired for her. I’ve been in and out for sixteen years and can’t imagine being there one hundred percent of the time and not be stretched out. You have been strong. I often have wondered if I have ever loved anybody as much as you do. You love enough to live and you have done it with such style and grace. My miracle. Yes, you are.

I got to be here for your birthday, to bring you something and just talk with you. I didn’t realize how much I loved that until today. I knew it was something special but the in’s just came out. You never make me feel like I should be there more than I am. I love that about you. I love that it could be awhile before I come and you act like it was yesterday. Our friendship is way more than I could ever have imagined. I almost feel like I might’ve been taking it for granted but if I were, I know that you would tell me. We could always talk.

When I sit down to think about friendships I truly am pleasured that you are mine. Friendships are rare. You have to have one to understand that. The world has changed and friendships must be cultivated to maximize life because you can’t do it alone. I’d like to believe that I too have taught you something as well. I pray that I have given you a friendship worthy of your imagination, hopes, or even dreams

Friendships without stipulations of love, honor, and respect aren’t worth it. We get it when we learn to just like who and what we like and don’t take the other stuff personal because what you’re supposed to have you’ll get. I wanted a miracle and here you come. I promise every time I come back to see you there is something new that’s happening and you are still right here. I often wonder what is it you’re here to teach the world because I know your life is that major. There’s no way that I could live through what you have lived. Not in two life times. That’s why I say that what we have is a miracle: One that I get to view up front and as far as needed at the same time.

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