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Miracle of white Boxer saved from euthanasia table in dire need of foster home

"My name is Angel. I was rescued just when the technician was about to stick a needle in my arm and put me to sleep forever. Now I need a little more help."
Mary Koger

Her name is Angel, and a well-deserved name at that she has earned, because this lucky white Boxer was literally rescued from California's Riverside County Animal Control's euthanasia table as technicians prepared to end her life.

Angel, another white senior Boxer, who had been used over and over again for breeding until her usefulness was worn out, and she was surrendered by her irresponsible and heartless owners, was rescued on July 24 by a volunteer who could not bear the thought of this submissive, loveable eight-year-old dog losing her life.

This was literally a last minute rescue of a dog who may in reality only be five-years-old.

Angel's desperate story became better known when Rumble, a defeated Boxer was dumped at Animal Control because he was too old. Read Rumble's story of rescue by clicking here.

Supported now by Boxer Rescue Los Angeles, Angel needs a foster home for two weeks; otherwise she will have to be transferred to a kennel. Sadly, she is being treated for kennel cough, (which is now reported to be improving) and is extremely stressed and tired. She has two small tumors which will be removed and will be provided with complete vetting.

Follow Angel's scary plight on Facebook by clicking here as volunteers try to find a temporary home for this beautiful dog.

The volunteer who pulled Angel to safety writes:

This little girl is really sick. Bad kennel cough. I'm keeping her separate from my dogs but she needs to get in. I'm going to see if the rescue will help me with this but I'm going to set up a fundraiser for her. Remember all of our rescues are full and maxed out with sick dogs. I have a rescue that will eventually take her, but they just can't right now. I need to get her in right away so I'm going to have the fundraiser set up in their name for her, so as not to have anyone fear that this money will not go towards her care.

Please help with Angel's expenses through Boxer Rescue L.A. by clicking here and noting Angel in the comment section.

Click here for Angel's original thread as volunteers desperately worked together.

If anyone in the area can foster Angel for a few weeks or better yet, help her find a forever home where she will be loved and pampered, please contact Mary Koger at 760.580.9311.

It only takes a few minutes to share Angel's story with a friend, a relative or a coworker. It only takes a few dollars from each of us to help this dog with her medical needs so that one day very soon, she will be beautiful again and ready for her second chance at life.

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