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Miracle Dogs Rescue Stories coming to town

Amazing Animal Rescue Stories
Amazing Animal Rescue Stories

A new book coming to town October 2014 that will touch your heart and soul.Miracle Dogs Rescue Stories by Liz Stavrinides

Liz discusses her book:

“78 million dogs live as pets in the USA. These are the lucky ones.”

Five to seven million companion animals enter shelters every year, and more than half are euthanized due to the lack of space.

“Miracle Dogs celebrates and honors the rescuers and the dogs whose lives they’ve saved. It features wonderful stories and photographs of dog rescuers, dog trainers, and rescue organizations such as The Gentle Barn and Tamar Geller's Operation Heroes and Hounds, along with celebrity pet owners such as Chevy Chase, Hoda Kotb, Bob Einstein, Amanda Hearst, Jamie Lynn Siegler, and Lance Bass.

Each story includes portraits of the dog and its new family, followed by a concise, compelling narrative detailing the dog’s journey to its new home.”

A professional pet photographer, Liz Stavrinides spends much of her time on projects related to animal rescue. Miracle Dogs was born out of her desire to collect and share the stories of the dogs she’s met over the years, showcasing the incredible bravery and compassion of both canines and owners.

Readers will be moved by stories like that of Wyatt, an assistance dog who helped a young boy with autism communicate with the outside world, or Fiona, who was found blind and starving and is now in a loving family. All of them have finally found their furever homes. Stavrinides portraits are heartwarming and a loving and poignant tribute to mans best friend.

About the Author

Melding her passion for photography with her immense love of dogs, LIZ STAVRINIDES' uniquely creative style emanates from her life-long pursuit of being a professional photographer. Each photograph is filled with the emotion, love and compassion for these incredible rescued animals and showcases their now cherished lives after being saved from unspeakable hardships and overwhelming tribulations. Through her work, Liz wants you to be touched by her photography and warmed by reading amazing stories about the incredible connection between heroes and their canine companions- ultimately helping these and other dogs find their forever homes. Although a San Francisco native, Liz now resides in La Quinta, California with her life-long best friends - her adorable rescued pups. Liz hopes you feel the unconditional love of dogs expressed in her work.


"Miracle Dogs demonstrates a truth that lies at the heart of all rescue stories: That sharing a home with an animal—especially one that's been forgotten and left to the fates—can enrich even the most glamorous and well-lived lives.”—Jim Gorant, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Dogs

"Miracle Dogs is an uplifting, inspirational collection that will make you want to rescue a dog (or forty). If you have never experienced the undying gratitude and unconditional love of a shelter dog for his new family, take one look at these photos and read these stories. The wagging tails, goofy smiles and furry hugs say it all."—David Rosenfelt, author of Dogtripping

"After finishing Miracle Dogs, I'm still struggling to decide who was rescued by whom. Through masterfully warm photography that accompanies each perfectly pitched rescue story; Liz Stavrinides superbly conveys the dichotomy of the world of canine rescue — is it the dog or the human custodian who ends up on the rescued end of the leash?"—Steven Wolf, author of Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life

Note: One of our amazing L.A. Locals is featured in this book regarding her work.

Gabriela Castillo of Healer TV, energy healer. Congrat’s Gabriela, looking forward to it.

Pre orders now and Barnes and Noble Release Oct 2014

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