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Miracle dog survives being shot 7 times and thrown in dumpster to die alone

Dog in Georgia was shot and thrown in trash.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A terrier named Catie is one miracle dog that is lucky to be alive. She was found lying in a dumpster after being shot several times. She was thrown away like a piece of trash. 11 Alive reported on March 12 that an Atlanta police officer discovered the pooch barely alive and in pain from being shot seven times.

The Fulton County Animal Services took Catie to veterinarian Lori Chandler who treated the dog for her injuries. After taking x-rays, the vet found bullet fragments in several spots, including her neck, throat and between her shoulder blades.

She is currently paralyzed, not being able to use her back legs, but they are hoping that surgery will get the use of her legs back. Euthanization was considered since she was in a lot of pain, but they instead chose to try to find a rescue group to help.

That help came from the Society of Humane Friends that takes dogs like Catie that have been abandoned and abused and takes them in. They will do whatever it takes to care for these animals in the best way possible. Treatment and surgery will be costly for them if that is the option that will help the dog.

"We're looking at $2,000 for the test and another $3,000 for the operation and that will strap us, but saying no is not an option," said Viginia Keller from the rescue group.

This is the kind of dedication and love that these hurt pets need. Catie is definitely hurting and in pain. She has no idea why this happened to her or why she was thrown away to die alone.

According to Dr. Chandler, this sweet dog will be able to recover, even if she doesn't get to use her legs again. She is said to be amazing considering what she has been through and is loving towards the people that are caring for her. She will make a great pet for someone that is willing to love and care for her. As soon as the canine recovers, they will try to find her a forever home.

"She rests her head in your hands. She doesn't shy away. She will make someone a fine pet once we get her feeling better," said Chandler.

If you would like to help the rescue group with Catie’s treatment expenses, you can go here to donate.

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