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Miracle dog, believed dead, emerges from Arkansas rubble to reunite with family

Oreo reunited with family
NBC screenshot

Another miraculous story of a lost dog and his will to survive, despite a tornado leveling his home, made the NBC News on April 29.

Oreo, whose owner Wade Lentz is the pastor of the local Baptist church in Vilonia, Arkansas, has been reunited with his family. This Examiner article was part of a cross-posting effort being done to reunite lost pets with the people who have been gracious enough to offer these furry family members a safe place until they can be reunited.

Despite not having a photo, Oreo's story was passed around the Arkansas area where the little guy went missing.

The family had been praying for a miracle on Monday. On Tuesday the family was cleaning up debris where their home had once stood. Landon, Wade Lentz's son noticed something moving in the rubble.

It didn't take long for Oreo to stick his little nose out from beneath the ruins, tail wagging with only one scratch on his leg.

The family believes Oreo, who was missing 36 very long hours, was sucked up in the twister and landed in a safe spot. Lentz told NBC

"He used that dog instinct to get home.That dog loves his home. It's a miracle."

Oreo is a seasoned escape artist, with more lives than a cat. When his family boarded him at a kennel while they were on vacation, Oreo dug his way out and returned home.

Oreo isn't the only story of survival coming out of Arkansas this week. This Examiner article tells the story of a 15-year-old dog who was reunited with family after tornadoes leveled his owner's home.

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