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Mira Kelly on 'Beyond Past Lives'

Beyond Past Lives
Beyond Past Lives

Beyond Past Lives, the new book from world-renowned Past Life Regressionist Mira Kelley, is an in-depth, emotionally satisfying overview of some of the case histories from Mira’s client sessions, mixed with her own impressions of the power of this practice.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to write this book.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about this book – it has been such a wonderful journey for me. When I was a girl in Bulgaria, I came across a copy of a book on past life regression by Dr. Brian Weiss and it was something totally new to me. I started reading about it and was intrigued that it is possible for people to have emotional and physical healings by simply connecting with another life. And I even tried it on my own. I grew up to study and practice law in the United States and was doing well until I was stricken with a painful jaw condition. I was blessed with the resources to seek out the best care and they were recommending serious surgery which scared me terribly. Not knowing where to turn, I sought out a regressionist and, after two sessions, I was able to see myself in a past life. This vision triggered an understanding in me about what was causing my ailment in this life and, amazingly, it disappeared – literally overnight.

With that experience, I felt I had almost a duty to explore this amazing practice and share it with others. The book, Beyond Past Lives, came much later – after working with many wonderful people and learning from them. My passion for this work has prompted me to dedicate myself to sharing the transformative power of experiencing past lives with others.

What motivated you to write this book?

I have dedicated my life to teaching and sharing the experience of past life regression because of how deeply it affected me in my life. For the last several years, I have been simply amazed at the stories and experiences of my clients. People have tapped into their higher consciousness, visited past life cycles their soul journeyed through, and contacted spirit guides who provided answers and direction exactly when they needed it. The parts of the book where I recollect some of those episodes were written to share these amazing stories so others may be inspired by them. My own observations, layered throughout the book, are also included to provide perspective, dispel some misunderstandings about past life regression and to motivate the reader to use this powerful tool.

Were there specific lessons you learned while writing this book?

Yes, several. First, I realized what a tremendous blessing it is to have the opportunity to pursue my passion and serve the world through it. In my life, I have gone from practicing law to teaching and guiding others through the regression experience. That transition has been dramatic, but also so, so rewarding. I learned that I had to trust in what my higher self and Spirit held in store for me. Writing the book helped me solidify that belief.

I also learned that the idea of “past” and “future” lives should not be thought of in the traditional linear model. In the book, I go more in depth on this point but, one of the revelations I received from my clients in listening to their accounts was that our lives overlap and run together in a very non-linear, almost quantum mechanical way. We are living parallel lives concurrently, even those that appear to have happened in what we call the “past”.

What is the most revealing thing about past life regression you learned while writing this book?

I discovered you can educate a person on the techniques and methods of focusing your consciousness and you can lead someone through the stages of relaxation but the journey is so personal. The book confirmed that for me. In writing my observations on the various stories in the book, I was constantly reminded that I learn something new from each person and each person’s journey is completely unique.

What advice do you have for people who might be interested in trying past life regression?

I am so happy for anyone who wants to have a regression experience. In my life, my first regression happened when I was a young girl and I was motivated by curiosity. It was not until years later that I tried it again. As an adult, I was motivated by my need to heal a physical condition. In the book, I tell the story about how connecting with a past life literally changed my life, both my health and my understanding of what I was meant to do with my life.

Regression is a gentle, easy and safe process which offers tremendous potential for transformation. What I hope people will gain from doing a regression, beyond some amazing insight into their souls, is a chance to gain greater perspective and healing. Perspective from consulting with their higher selves and spirit guides who can help with answers and healing that comes with understanding the true source of what is bothering us, both physically and emotionally. This kind of expanded understanding leads to relief. This is what happened in my life and it was so dramatic an enlightenment for me that I knew it was something others must experience.

Mira Kelley’s book, Beyond Past Lives is available on and at your local bookstore.

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