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Mio Restaurant Appoints Chef Roberto Hernandez

Mio Restaurant welcomes new chef, Roberto Hernandez.
Mio Restaurant welcomes new chef, Roberto Hernandez.
Courtesy of Mio Restaurant

Mio Restaurant is expanding their culinary family! Restaurateur Manuel Iguina is happy to welcome acclaimed chef Roberto Hernandez to their kitchen. Located at 1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Mio takes pride in their fresh ingredients and suave merge of numerous Latin cuisine.

Chef Hernandez is no stranger to Mio from being a featured chef at the restaurant before. Chef Hernandez is known for his expertise in Latin flavors garnered from his Cuban grandmother as well as his Puerto-Rican upbringing. With quite an impressive culinary resume, Chef Hernandez has cooked in some leading kitchens and events in the USA including the Blue Door Restaurant at the five-star Delano Hotel in Miami with consulting chef Claude Troisgro, and the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Chef Hernandez was also tapped as the chef de cuisine at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Mar-a-Largo Club. The beginning of his culinary journey in 2009 led Chef Hernandez to culinary consulting to top ranking establishments like The Grove Isle Hotel in Miami and Andrew’s Restaurant in Boca Raton. He was also designated to travel to Sweden by Johan Stenberg to share his culinary expertise at Le Hammagazinet and the Tellus Club, two of Stenberg’s newest operations near Stockholm.

In 2012 Chef Hernandez returned to Puerto Rico to become the culinary director for Cultura Culinaria LLC, a nonprofit foundation that positions the Puerto Rican gastronomy in the Caribbean, Central and South America. In this role, Hernandez contributed with the production team with developing the logistics for culinary events in Puerto Rico and USVI. This effort included an invitation to the International Culinary Center in New York City, to present a kitchen demonstration on Puerto Rican cuisine and its evolution. Traveling frequently on behalf of Latin cuisine, Chef Hernandez has been engaged running his culinary consulting firm, Robcuisine Culinary Consultants LLC, with clients in Florida, USVI, New York, Spain, and Puerto Rico, before accepting his newest appointment at Mio Restaurant in DC.

With such an impressive journey thus far, DC is excited to be part of another exciting chapter in Chef Hernandez’s culinary cookbook!