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Minutia and crap aid deception

While I believe debate is essential to truth and finding solid solutions to problems and to the continuation of democracy, there are dangers to it. First it must be honest debate with the intention of finding those truths and solutions.

While a school board member in the local Horeseheads School District we received an informational packet every Friday before the Monday evening meetings twice a month. There was never enough time to be fully prepared with the time frame given. No time to get answers to questions that might come up. This was by design for the board and administration to push through their agenda, short circuiting debate!

On top of that the packets were filled with unnecessary information that merely made the study of the information even more difficult! Throwing tons of useless information laid a smoke screen hiding important issues and political maneuvers and underhandedness! Decoys set up to make a board member more impotent. Especially ones that really took the job seriously!

It seems our politicians and media are very much into spreading minutia and crap rather than seeking truth.

Rachel Maddow admitted she was obsessed with the Chris Christie story and was going to stick with it as long as information was coming out. I don’t think she meant truth, by information she meant gossip and innuendo would be sufficient in her mind and she would throw the mud that she found. But Barrack Obama mired in the same dirt, more obviously true would be cleaned!

Too much information can be used to cloud the landscape and make fact and truth more difficult to determine and it is. Shoveling tons of manure on the people keeps them in the dark. It helps perpetuate the lies of government, the mainstream media and government like institutions like the education industry.