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60 second party games

Minute to Win It Party Games
Minute to Win It Party Games
Heather Alongi

You know you've done it... watched those contestants, failing the task, and thinking that you can do it easily in 60 seconds or less. It looks so easy, right? Well, here's your chance to prove it!

Hosting a Minute-to-Win-It themed party is easy, inexpensive, and great fun for the adults and the kids. And, just in case you have never watched the game show, it involves completing tasks that seem simple in less than a minute. The simpleness of these tasks, however, often proves to be deceiving!

What you will need:

  • A banquet table for the games, set up outside. You can also set up chairs for the 'audience' to watch
  • Game supplies (listed below)
  • Index cards or tickets to give to the winner of each event (this is the easiest way to keep score)
  • A kitchen timer


1. Cookie Monster - You will need a bag of Oreo cookies.

  • This game is hilarious for the audience! While holding their head back, each contestant will start with a cookie on their forehead. No hands are allowed for this! Contestants must use only their facial movements to move the cookie to their mouth, without dropping it. The first one to get the cookie to their mouth and eat it wins!

2. This Blows - You will need 6 solo cups and 6 plastic golf balls, per contestant

  • Fill the cups to the brim with water, then place them in 2 rows of 3, with 2-3 inches of space in between the rows. Place one plastic golf ball in each of the 3 cups closest to the contestant. The contestant must use their mouth to blow the golf ball from the front cup to the back cup. The first one to get all 3 balls in the back row of cups wins! (For younger players, you can place the cups close together to make it easier)

3. Stack it Up - You will need 1 chopstick, one paper plate and 8 iron nuts, per contestant

  • For each contestant, place the iron nuts and the chopstick on the paper plate. Each must then, using only the chopstick, pick up the iron nuts and stack all 8 of them end to end. (For younger players, you can allow them to stack only 4 or 5 to make it easier)

This is only a few examples of the many tasks that you can delegate to your guests to be completed within 60 seconds. Be creative, be original! But, if you're stumped, you can find great ideas at For party planning and consulting, send your request to

Until next time... party on!

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