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Minor sunburns; how to manage

Well, we had a cold spell but the weather has heated up once again and it is important to take care of your skin especially when the sun is beating down on it. Often time, people do not realize how damaging the sun to your skin can be. More importantly, when you are on vacation, you should protect your skin because as compared to Toronto, the sun is much warmer and the risk of getting burnt is definitely higher.

Aveeno is a good sunscreen to use, it moisturizes and protects your skin and you can get it for sensitive skin as well. Also, if you are a little burnt you can use Nivea to help soothe the itch or sting. You can find both of these lotions at your local Shoppers Drug Mart. When you are on vacation and you feel that your skin is getting burnt, give your skin a break. Have a good shower and lather up with Nivea lotion. Just sit and relax in your hotel room with a good book or sit in the shade with a good book. You will still have a relaxing vacation you will just be giving your skin a time to relax and cool off.

If you do have a minor burn or are developing a rash, shower good and lather up with something that will not irritate your skin. Try putting some afterbite on your rash, burn or bite. It will help relieve the itch and may sting for a while. Do not expose yourself to too much sun. Tan safely.

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