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Minor snow accumulations in south central Pennsylvania

Blue skies follow Hercules
Blue skies follow Hercules
Jeffrey B. Roth

With only 3 to 5 inches of snow in McKnightstown, Pa., about 10 miles north of the Mason-Dixon line, the nor'easter storm closed some schools and delayed others. Some municipal offices and a few businesses had a two-hour delay. York County's spokesperson, Carl E. Lindquist said county offices, including the court, opened two-hours later than normal. The high winds, blizzard conditions and heavy snow accumulations associated with Hercules, focused most of its fury areas north an east of south central Pennsylvania. “It's actually beautiful,” said Clare Milne of McKnightstown, who was clearing the snow from her car. “I'm just digging out getting ready to go to work in Gettysburg. We had a two-hour delay.” Most of the main roads had been cleared of snow early in the morning. Snow was still being cleared from secondary roads by the afternoon. A layer of ice formed under the snow making the road surfaces slippery, but area emergency officials said there were only minor fender-benders reported. Adams County, Pennsylvania, spokesperson, John Eline said that with relatively low accumulation totals, county emergency services handled a “fairly normal” amount of snow-related emergency calls at the 911 center. “I did call the office earlier,” Eline said. “They told me that despite some accidents, but it's been quiet. All schools in the county are closed. County government offices opened on time this morning. We had very cold temperatures – in the low teens, moderate winds, blowing snow and about 4-7 inches of snow reported across the county.”