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Minnie Driver is working with Oxfam International to fight poverty

Aside from being a well respected actress Minnie Driver is also a humanitarian. Recently Driver has traveled to Southeast Asia to help fight poverty reported People on July 24, 2014. Driver hopes to pass on her deep dedication to giving back to her 5-year-old son Henry.

Actress Minnie Driver attends the 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California
Photo by Jason Merritt

In an interview with People Driver has said that notions of service and kindness are really very big in her house. Driver feels that there are things everyone needs to have whether they are famous, not famous, rich, or poor. There are qualities of kindness which she sincerely thinks everyone should be fostering in themselves and in their kids.

Driver works with Oxfam International which has a mission of finding global solutions to poverty. She has been involved with Oxfam since she was in elementary school. Recently Driver took a trip with the organization to Southeast Asia to try to help out victims of poverty there. She says she has a particular interest in the labor rights of women in developing countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. She has shared that she has seen how horrible the living conditions are for young women working in factories there.

Driver has been teaching her son to show kindness for other people who are in desperate need of help reports the Belfast Telegraph. She thinks that using her celebrity status to benefit hurting people in the world is a really good thing to do. Driver feels it's important when you are fortunate to have a lot in this world to help people who haven't been so lucky.

Oxfam International reports that one person out of every three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change this pathetic reality by mobilizing the power of people to fight against poverty. Oxfam helps people worldwide find practical, innovative ways to lift themselves out of poverty and to thrive.

Poverty is one of the most painful and widespread killers of human potential and human lives on this planet. Driver and Oxfam deserve to be commended for their efforts to fight this horrible reality. Thankfully there are humanitarian forces like this fighting the tyrannical directions of abusive government policies and psychiatrists who feed off of the deadly poverty they intentionally sadistically create as seen across the United States and elsewhere worldwide daily.

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