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Minnesota Speaker of the House, DFL busted big time


Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune

Many are not shocked by the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board's decision to levy a $9,000 fine on the Minnesota House Speaker and gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher and even less shocked the Minnesota DFL party was fined $15,000 for a campaign finance scam that many are calling a show of favoritism and obvious back alley political schemes that was done to bypass state law.                               

With a total of fifteen democrats running for Governor thus far, the field is heavy with vying for voters support. The scam Kelliher and the DFL party put together was to help Kelliher do that without a huge financial cost to her campaign for the DFL parties data base of voters. So the DFL party allowed a few Kelliher supports to route their financial contributions to a DFL voter research project that would benefit Kelliher. It is not surprising the other DFL candidates cried foul.

The Republican Party of Minnesota made the statement that this proves Kelliher is incapable of good judgment to lead the State of Minnesota. But is it not more than that? In this hard economic time does   prove that Kelliher and the DFL want to keep the status quo and by keeping it Minnesotans will continue to be strapped with a tax and spend liberal that Kelliher is?

This behavior of the DFL and Kelliher smacks with the continued belief of voters that the DFL are completely out of touch with the people of Minnesota. And for fairness there are others already who also have violated campaign finance and disclosure laws. DFLer Matt Entenza  was caught and fined for accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists during the legislative session, DFL Mayor R.T. Rybak was fined for using mayoral campaign funds to fund his gubernatorial campaign and even the Republican Party of Minnesota was fined for colluding with then candidate Pawlenty for TV ads.

Amazingly those who usurp the campaign finance and disclosure laws also end up being the candidates or party that is truly not looking out for Minnesotans but have their own personal agendas. With too liberal out of touch DFLers and liberal Republican DFL wannabes its no surprise the electorate is angry and demanding change.

For voters who want to get spending under control and legislation that is more based in common sense than knee jerk emotion the candidates running for governor in Minnesota are going to be even more scrutinized than ever.

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