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Minnesota shutdown over - who is to blame?

Gov. Mark Dayton in stand off with Minnesota Legislature
Gov. Mark Dayton in stand off with Minnesota Legislature
MPR News/Google Images

With the longest state shutdown in history now at a close it is time to reflect on our elected officials handling of our tax dollars. With agreements in hand and all sides signing off just how did we get to this place to begin with? Amazingly it can be considered all conjecture on everyones part as to the fault of who - the Republican controlled legislature or the governor. Taking a look at the facts the first reminder of past shutdowns is all involved did not do their jobs in getting the work of Minnesota done on time. Yet it goes deeper. The Republicans who were trying to cut spending went toe to toe with a Governor Mark Dayton who not only wanted to spend more but increase revenue by taxing the top two percent. it is classic: The Republicans wanted to cut spending on social services and the governor played the class warfare card.

Who is right? Who is wrong? In this final deal between the legislature and the governor's office is this compromise the best either can do for the state?

One key component to both sides finally getting any kind of deal is Governor Dayton taking a road trip and getting out to talk with the taxpayers. He travelled only a day or two before heading back to the capital and agreeing to a deal. In other words, my words, the governor got an earful from the taxpayers he ran into, was told he was holding up progress and to get back to the capital and get the job done. As the news reported on the deal there was no declaration of a winner or loser between the Republicans and Governor Dayton. And knowing Dayton the truth is in what is not being said. He got his clocked cleaned by the average everyday taxpayer telling him to get real.

More than enough Minnesotans are aware of his strange and embarrassing behaviors in Washington when Dayton was our elected Senator. Apparently it hasn't taken very long for his true colors to shine through as Governor. Dayton picked a fight he couldn't win. He through a tantrum and tried to play class warefare and the average taxpayer called him out on it.

Neither side got exactly what they wanted yet the mud pie goes straight in the face of Governor Dayton. He holds no credibility engaging in class warefare and even less in picking a budgetary fight for increasing taxes and spending in a state where the economy still is reaking havoc on its citizens.

Just watch the news in the next few weeks and you will be hearing about how our state employees will not be completely out of pay from the shutdown. With the unions and the bleeding heart media the legislature will be hard presseed to deny back pay for state employees. And we will have again a governor pushing for spending monies the state really doens't have. And knowing how the governor works, taxes will be raised to pay back state employees or we'll face another budget deficit trying to do so.


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