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Minnesota Resources to Improve Your Mind and Body Starting Today

The Twin Cities Three Rivers Parks - Printable Map Available
Three Rivers Parks System

This time of year many of us have renewed energy, sense a wind of change or, perhaps if you are religious, this past holy week has given you strength to "rise again" from what has been darkening your life.

I thought about two recent celebrity deaths, 90-something Mike Wallace and Whitney Houston, age 48. What did Whitney and Mike accomplish while on Earth, stand for and leave behind for us to learn?

Given their very public lives, these questions will be on blogs and forever catalogued in cyberspace for generations to reflect and remember what their lives meant to the world.

But what do you, my Minnesotan reader, who may not leave this life with such fanfare as Ms. Houston want to accomplish in your life? Is there a reason you cannot start today? You live in a great metropolitan area that offers just about anything one would need to realize your full potential. Let me offer you some examples:

Improve Your Mind and Career

University of Minnesota and the State of Minnesota College System: If you are a Senior Citizen, you can access free or significantly reduced tuition at state schools. Click here for more information.

Thinking about a new career and wondering if it makes sense to pursue this dream now? is a resource specifically developed for Minnesotan career, education and job seekers. Quizzes, resources, addresses and workshop dates are all listed. Most of it only costs you your time.

Improve your health and body

Noted as one of the nation’s most bike friendly metros, we also have some of the cleanest air, the best medical care (get your check-up scheduled now!), tons of parks and trails and a gazillion health clubs just about everywhere you turn.

The Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota has a FABULOUS webpage of links to just about everything you’d want to do outdoors. Find it here on this page.

Both L.A. Fitness and Lifetime Fitness offer a free seven-day pass. Other places probably do, too, and some I have seen have a 30-day free pass. Local community center memberships, like the Williston Fitness Center in Minnetonka, are extraordinarily reasonable in price and convenient for local families. Why not test them out?

Access to Amazingly Nutritious Food

Every time someone from Iowa or South Dakota or North Dakota visits us, they are AMAZED at the grocery stores and farmer’s markets we have just in our metro area. I continue to be amazed at what we have within minutes of our home.

I am planning to make regular visits to (Peterson’s Produce) this summer. It opens this Mother’s Day and offers seasonal produce from berries to root vegetables to maple syrup. Each weekend is a new adventure.

Since you might not live near Delano, here is a list of the regularly opened Farmer’s Markets and other purveyors of locally grown products. Search by location or product – we’ve probably got most of what you need!

Take stock in what you have and take more control over what you can do for your mind, body and soul. It’s been a rough ride these past few years….take care of yourself going forward!


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