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Minnesota prosecuting couple living in a $1.2 million yacht for welfare fraud

Yahoo News reports a story about a colossal welfare fraud case. On Friday, Hennepin County, Minnesota prosecutor Mike Freeman announced the state will prosecute Colin Chisholm III and his wife Andrea for fraudulently collecting roughly $165,000 in welfare benefits from 2005 through 2012.

Prosecutor Mike Freeman announces charges against a couple for welfare fraud.
The Star Tribune website

While living on a yacht in Florida, the couple collected food stamps and public aid from Minnesota. The couple has spent 28 months living on a $1.2 million yacht.

Although charges were filed in February, they remained sealed while police searched for the couple. The couple lied about living in Minnesota while they stayed in Florida. Colin Chisolm III was the CEO of a business and his wife bred and sold championship dogs. Over seven years, the couple deposited nearly $3 million into their bank accounts.

Seemingly, they forgot to report it to Minnesota officials. The article also reports they drove a $30,000 Lexus and collected welfare benefits in Florida.

Read more about this story on the Yahoo News website.

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