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Minnesota Primary Election Day is August 10th


Well Minnesotans,

Tomorrow is primary day.  That’s right.  August 10th is the day to make your voices heard.  I like many Minnesotans will be heading to the polls to cast a ballot in this year’s primary election.

Some may feel pessimistic right now given the mood of the country.  People are divided and distractions over issues of racism and the validity of the Tea Party Movement.  But I say none of it matters right now. 

There will be plenty of time for that after tomorrow.  For now, your voice must be heard. 

Just remember we have accomplished a great deal this year.

Democrats passed health reform - It took 100 years of endless debate but we did the right thing.  The right thing isn’t always popular, but in the end we do it to help others. 

Democrats passed Wall Street reform - Wall Street reform finally gives the little guy some protection from the corporations that do nothing more than find ever increasing ways to take your money.  Remember that they gave loans to people who couldn’t afford them, blamed them for being irresponsible, and then begged the Government for bailout money (your taxes) so that they could continue raking in multimillion dollar bonuses. 

 But we cannot continue to rebuild the middle class without help from Minnesotans. 

We need you to show up.  Not sure if you are registered or where your polling place is located?  Click here.

The Polls will be open on Tuesday August 10th from 7am to 8pm.  So you have plenty of time to make your voice count.  You may also register to vote at the polls on Election Day with ID like your drivers l license or photo id that has your name and address on it.  If you take a photo id, you will also need to take something else that proves your address like a utility bill.

Show up and be counted, or stay home and let other people dictate how you are feeling and decide what is best for you and your family.  Can you imagine being ruled by the Republican/Tea Party for 4 more years?

I can’t.

It is up to you.


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