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Minnesota passes law requiring dog and cat breeders to obtain licenses

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Beginning July 1, all dog and cat breeders in Minnesota who breed more than ten animals a year and have more than five litters, will be required to obtain a license regulating the care and health standards for the animals reported the

Minnesota is believed to have the largest amount of commercial breeders in the United States. The key aspects of the new law includes the following:

• Licensing — Requires commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota to be licensed in order to operate and sell dogs and cats in the State of Minnesota.

• Inspections and Enforcement — Gives legal authority to the Minnesota Board of Animal Health to inspect commercial dog and cat breeding facilities and enforce existing State laws to ensure animal care standards are met; and

• Penalties — Imposes civil, administrative and criminal penalties for those who violate the law.

Dr. Paul Anderson of the Board of Animal Health, is in charge of the program and will be working with the breeders to ensure they are providing the standards of care as directed by the new legislation. Breeders will be required to maintain medical records with all vaccinations and protocol for disease control as well as standards and procedures for euthanasia. Dogs and cats will be provided with human contact at least twice a day for socialization, and can not be sold without a veterinarian health certificate. According to Dr. Anderson:

"We have estimated there may be between 400 and 500 people that will qualify for this commercial dog and cat breeder classification, but no one has done this kind of a study in the state before so we really don't know."

Licensing began July 1, 2014 and breeders have until June 30,2015 to get a license.

Read more about the legislation and what breeders are required to do by clicking here.

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