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Minnesota Judicial Tyrants play their ugly Apparatchik hand

Russian President Putin - Russia has Russian Style democracy.
Russian President Putin - Russia has Russian Style democracy.
Don Mashak, The Cynical Patriot - TEA Party


  • Robert 5 years ago

    This article is win. I wish there were more people like the author in the world. Nothing angers me more than corrupt "officials". Is there any kind of system that can prevent this? If there is, it's doubtful that the US will ever become that way. Sometimes I get the feeling that this country is doomed as were all great empires before. People can't be trusted.

  • classical liberal 5 years ago

    Thank you for your work Sir! Greatly appreciated.

  • FM 5 years ago

    Unknown point. (speaking in generalities)
    "IF" a representative of the United States creates a situation where an American citizen is forced into financial ruin and "said charges" is unfounded. This US citizen can sue for losses not against the USA, as per say in our constitution, but sue the individual who creates unfounded accusations.
    Just because it is a member of congress or a judge, these people are still liable for their actions as an individual person.
    BUT, if said congressman or judge is found to use their position to influence the wronged decision, then these people not only need to be removed from office but further sued for incurred losses. Slander, liable are just a few of the legal ramifications one can sue for to recoup losses. Still the public humiliation can never be removed nor can the lost family bond become unscarred.
    ( to be continued )

  • FM 5 years ago

    ( continued )
    In my book, someone who makes a false accusation and it’s an unfounded accusation, they should receive as much of a penalty as the guilty would have received. This alone would de-stagnate our courts of frivolous lawsuits. This would also make everyone think twice. Call it, “An eye for an eye” justice. OOPS! that’s already been said,… but somehow it seems to be a lost phrase.

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