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Minnesota Judicial Tyrants play their ugly Apparatchik hand

Russian President Putin - Russia has Russian Style democracy.
Russian President Putin - Russia has Russian Style democracy.
Don Mashak, The Cynical Patriot - TEA Party

A few years ago I bristled at a statement by then Russian President Putin regarding Democracy. Essentially he indicated "Russia has democracy. It is as good as American Democracy. It just upsets you that it is different than American Democracy". He went on to point out specific ironies of American Democracy. [ Bush and Putin Exhibit Tension Over Democracy 2005 ]

President Putin was responding to then US President Bush 43's criticism of a perception of Putin's back sliding on democracy.

"Critics accuse the Kremlin of backtracking on democracy by stifling the independent press, re-nationalizing the Russian oil giant Yukos, taking control of Parliament, and abolishing elections for regional governors. Human-rights groups also accuse Russian forces of carrying out widespread abuses in Chechnya" [ Bush Confronts Putin, Face to Face, Over Democracy 2005 ]

"(Putin) who has canceled elections, jailed opponents, driven pro-Western democratic parties out of parliament,taken over national television and effectively renationalized Russia's largest oil company" [ Bush Gently Prods Putin on Democracy 2005 ]

"Mr. Putin told CBS: "Four years ago, your presidential election was decided by the court." and, paraphrasing, " haven't American Journalist been fired for criticizing the Bush Administration" [ Bush and Putin in democracy row 2005 ]

As an American born and raised in the USA and having lived through the propaganda of the Cold War I was incensed by Russian President Putin's attitude of being on equal footing as the USA in discussing Democracy. How could this fledgling Democracy, born of out a loss to Democracy by a former communist country dare compare the fullness of their fledgling Democracy (> 15 years) to the Great USA Democracy (@ 230 years.)? Did Putin not realize the Russians lost? How dare Putin point out the shortcomings and hypocricies of American Democracy? They simply just can't be true. ( For those of you not old enough to remember the cold war, please seek out someone older who can share with you their feelings. If for no other reasons than to pay heed to the following adage; "They who know not their history are destined to repeat it. [Cold War Museum] )

For four years now, a coalition of your fellow Minnesota Citizens have sought to have legislation on Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability heard in the Minnesota Legislature with no success. In Minnesota, the Chairpersons of the Respective Senate and House Judiciary committees control what legislation is heard and which is not. Senator Mee Moua (D)and Representative Joe Mullery (D) refuse to hear our proposed legislation or any of our testimony.

Instead, a group known as the Quie Commission has proposed eliminating your ability to vote for judges. [ ] 5 short years ago George Bush 43 criticized Russian President Putin for wanting to eliminate the popular vote for Regional Governors in Russia, and now our own state seeks to import Putin's ideas to Minnesota for our Judiciary. I ask my fellow American's, "What is wrong with this picture?"

For four years the Minnesota Judicial and Legislative Apparatchik [ ] have stymied and stalled Judicial reform to keep tyrannical control of power and keep the flow of money from "Tips" aka kickbacks aka bribes, flowing.

I have only been involved with this Judicial Reform group for about 2 years. However, some of your fellow Minnesotans that have been involved in this fight from the beginning four years ago tell an interesting story. In the beginning, they approached the problem with the belief that our elected officials were the "Public Servants" of WE THE PEOPLE. Public Servants as the Constitution and Founding Fathers intended them to be.

However, instead of being helpful, the vast majority stalled and misdirected the group as to how to achieve its goals. They refused to make appointments. They failed to inform the group of deadlines. They did not return phone calls. They did not assist in drafting the legislation.

It was about this time that I got involved. In 2009, the group got Patriot and Representative Dan Severson to carry bill HR 1632 Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability. You can see the current bill and its previous revisions here: [ ] In Spring of 2009, Representative Severson held an Ad Hoc Legislative hearing on Judicial Corruption. [ Part 1/2 - ][ Part 2/2 - ] And still the coalition was prevented from introducing its legislation into both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

A portion of the individuals in the group got frustrated and wanted to be more assertive about pursuing its goals.Having not experienced the duplicity and frustration they had the two prior years, I did not yet realize the duplicity of the system. I made polite excuses not to participate in these events and voiced my concerns that we adhere to proper decorum.

This more assertive group of individuals did what the Legislative insiders felt was offensive. They called Senators and representatives and asked to make appointments for on camera interviews. They told them they wanted to record the Senators and Representatives explaining why they were against Judicial Reform. Most of the Senators and Representatives refused. When they refused to make appointments, this group caught them in the halls of Government with cameras and microphones in tow. [ 1st Amendment ]

These Senators and Representatives were outraged that Citizens using their 1st Amendment Rights would demand elected officials explain why they were against Judicial Reform.  And, apparently after consulting with Putin, what follows was their retaliatory plan of attack.

They gave the citizen reporter asking the questions a written order from the Capital Police requiring her to give advance notice before she came to the Capital building. She could not come without an appointment with a Senator or Representative. And no Senator or Representative would make an appointment with her... Would that be Russian or American Democracy in action?

The camera man is now in jail and they are denying him medical treatment for low grade pneumonia. He was involved with the group because a Judge issued an order forbidding him from teaching his kids bible lessons as part of a divorce settlement. He eventually had the order overturned, but only after years of appeal and becoming financially ruined. And because he could not pay both his appeal attorney and all of his child support, they have put him in jail. ( That is one of the abuses of the Minnesota Court we are trying to address. It is all about, "How much justice you can afford?" If you push back against the machine, they punish you by maliciously ruling against you and making you spend money to correct the injustice. ) The short version is he is in jail for wanting to teach his children his Christian Religion. The even shorter version is that he is in jail as contrived retaliation by our Judiciary.

I have personally experienced this form of judicial retaliation. When the time is right, I will write an entire article on my original encounter with Minnesota Judicial Corruption. And follow that with exposure of the retaliation and abuses I have experienced by the Minnesota Judicial System since seeking Judicial Reform.

Others Judicial Reform Coalition members have been jailed for seeking Judicial Reform. Other members have been forced to appeal adverse, wrongful judgment entered in retaliation for there involvement in seeking Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability. We no longer have the rule of law. We have the whim of Judges and Justice to the Highest bidder. That is how the Judicial Tyrants of Minnesota keep us in our place. They rule against us in unrelated matters. They Trump up charges. They ignore the bill of rights. Your own attorney that you pay must be more loyal to the Judges than you, their client, because if they are not, they are black listed. They will have great difficulty in ever prevailing again in a Minnesota Court. The Government Apparatchik demonizes and discredits Judicial Reformist and Whistle blowers as a strategy to hold onto their power. I ask you, "How much justice can you afford?"

There are other members of the Coalition that have suffered retaliation for fighting Minnesota Judicial corruption. However, they have had their lives so devastated by the retaliation of apparatchiks, that they now seek anonymity to avoid further retaliation. And some of them fear for the welfare and happiness of their friends and relatives. Does this sound like a KGB style reign of terror to you? It does me

In the mean time, I followed the rules of decorum in moving this cause forward by contacting Senator Moua's office. The short story is that I contacted her office in August and September of last year asking them to review the proposed legislation at the website I previously gave you. They will admit to a conversation on September 29th, 2009. I asked for Senator Moua to review the site and call me back. They never returned my call.

In December 2009, I called and insisted they send me a response in writing. They denied that I asked to be called in the Conversation of September 29, 2009. I ask the reader, "Does it make any sense that I would not ask for and expect a call back when my entire purpose was that the Legislation be reviewed and heard in her committee?" You can read more about their apparatchik antics in my letter of January 7th, 2010. [ ] In that letter, I asked for a meeting by January 18th, 2010. They did not even bother to reply. 

Does what I have just described to you make you believe the United State of America has a right to claim the moral high ground in the fullness of its Democracy debate? I cringe at the thought that former Russian President Putin may have been correct in his criticisms and impugning of American Democracy.
All that having been said, the fight for Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability is not over. Today, I will send emails to all Minnesota Senators and Representatives.

I will demand that they respond as to their support of having testimony and legislation regarding Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability heard in the Judiciary Committees of both the House and Senate as well as by the full house.

And I will tally their responses as follows

  • Supports having Judiciary Committee and full house and Senate hearings and testimony on Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability Legislation.
  • Against having Judicial Committee hearings and full house and Senate hearings and testimony on Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability Legislation.
  • No Response - Which is presumed to indicate that they support Judicial Corruption in Minnesota.

Further, it is my understanding that there is a rapidly approaching deadline to get the legislation finalized and into the Revisors office. I can't tell you why because I have received conflicting information and I do not know who to trust or believe. Even HR 1632 appears to  have been deliberately mutilated by the House Revisors office.

So in that vein, I will further ask each of our Minnesota House Representatives and Senators in those emails to meet with me and other concerned Citizens yet this week or disclose to me in writing exactly what "Simon Says" deadlines I am facing. I would expect them to meet with us well in advance of those deadlines, even if the deadline is not this week. As an aside, I ask my fellow citizens, shouldn't our elected officials be assisting us and not stone walling us?

What say you our Elected Minnesota House Representatives and Senators?

Are we going to have Russian style Democracy or are we going to have the Democracy our Founding Fathers intended as expressed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Were the examples of the superiority of American Democracy from the cold war just propaganda? Remember showing the fairness of American Democracy? Remember showing the injustices of Communism? What happened to the truth, justice and the American way we were taught in High School Civics. What happened to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

Again, Was it all just propaganda?... Was Russian President Vladimir Putin correct in his assessment of equivalency of Russian Democracy to American Democracy?

As with everything I write, I write this article with the same intent as Thomas Paine. I seek no leadership role, I only seek to have the American People find their own way using their own Common Sense.

Those were my thoughts?

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot


  • Robert 5 years ago

    This article is win. I wish there were more people like the author in the world. Nothing angers me more than corrupt "officials". Is there any kind of system that can prevent this? If there is, it's doubtful that the US will ever become that way. Sometimes I get the feeling that this country is doomed as were all great empires before. People can't be trusted.

  • classical liberal 5 years ago

    Thank you for your work Sir! Greatly appreciated.

  • FM 5 years ago

    Unknown point. (speaking in generalities)
    "IF" a representative of the United States creates a situation where an American citizen is forced into financial ruin and "said charges" is unfounded. This US citizen can sue for losses not against the USA, as per say in our constitution, but sue the individual who creates unfounded accusations.
    Just because it is a member of congress or a judge, these people are still liable for their actions as an individual person.
    BUT, if said congressman or judge is found to use their position to influence the wronged decision, then these people not only need to be removed from office but further sued for incurred losses. Slander, liable are just a few of the legal ramifications one can sue for to recoup losses. Still the public humiliation can never be removed nor can the lost family bond become unscarred.
    ( to be continued )

  • FM 5 years ago

    ( continued )
    In my book, someone who makes a false accusation and it’s an unfounded accusation, they should receive as much of a penalty as the guilty would have received. This alone would de-stagnate our courts of frivolous lawsuits. This would also make everyone think twice. Call it, “An eye for an eye” justice. OOPS! that’s already been said,… but somehow it seems to be a lost phrase.

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