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Minnesota Government shutdown, bad luck for lottery hopefuls

Government Shutdown-Lottery Loses
Government Shutdown-Lottery Loses
Minnesota State Lottery

The Minnesota State Government shutdown is a debacle that affects many areas of business and public life as it went into effect this morning at midnight. State parks are closed during the busiest summer holiday weekend, road construction has come to a halt, and now for some unlucky folks their hopes for a big lottery win might be out the window- at least until the Minnesota Government sorts out the deadlock in the new budget.

What happened to the Minn. State Lottery

With the government shutdown lottery hopefuls are no longer able to purchase tickets to play in any of the state games, nor will they be able to buy multi-state game tickets like the Powerball. There will still be drawings but earnings cannot be redeemed and Minnesota State games will not have announcements of the winning numbers while the government is shutdown. Go to any portion of the Minn. State Lottery website and you will see a page that says “Due to the current government shutdown, the Minnesota State Lottery is closed and this website is not being maintained.” This might be shocking to many who were hoping to go to the site to check their earnings. Looking into the FAQ section of the page it shows that customers are no longer able to purchase tickets but drawings will continue to maintain their “commitment to players who have already purchased multi-draw tickets with drawing dates in July.” Players won’t be the only ones to miss out during the shutdown of the lottery system, there are losses to businesses and the government in the form of revenue losses.

The Minn. Government and businesses lose the lottery too

The Minnesota State Lottery is one of the largest lotteries in the world. The Lottery had 2010 gross revenue of $466,575,526. Most of this money is distributed to the Minnesota public and government beneficiaries after winnings and operational costs have been withdrawn. Here is a breakdown of where the earnings generally go: K-12 education, higher education, state government, health and human services, tax aids and credits, and public safety. With the shutdown of the government and the lottery in Minnesota this means that, for a period of unknown time, the state will lose on revenues gained from this popular lottery games.

Even if you do not play the lottery in some way it has an impact in your life. Whether it is education, tax credits and aid from lottery revenue, public safety, or the other various benefactors of lottery revenue-the shutdown effects all Minnesotans in some way. This is just another area of life that is impacted by the government and goes to show us how big the government shutdown really is.


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