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Minnesota couple makes YouTube history

A Minnesota couple made YouTube history as they walked down the aisle this summer in a slightly unconventional way.  What they thought was just a clever down-the-aisle dance party that someone caught on camera became one of the biggest Internet viral sensations of the year

As of today, the video has seen over 34 million views, making it the third highest-viewed video on YouTube in 2009.  (Beating it at #2 was "David After Dentist," and at #1 was "Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent.")  The video went so viral that it was spoofed on NBC's hit sitcom, "The Office" for Pam and Jim's much anticipated wedding.

The other videos in the list were funny and feel-good, and this one managed to capture both and put a cute couple from St. Paul, MN on the worldwide YouTube radar.