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Minneapolis sells itself out to the NFL for the Super Bowl

I don't like public financing of pro sports stadiums, arenas, etc. It is pure corporate welfare. The new Minnesota Vikings stadium, with a billion dollar cost, got millions of dollars in public financing. Well, to award a Super Bowl in Minnesota for 2018, the NFL went nuts with their demands.

They demanded to be free from any taxes for their activities during the Super Bowl. The NFL got goodies related to golfing outings to presidential suites to billboards. Even ATM machines in a certain area must accept NFL preferred debit/credit cards, or they will be removed.

Minneapolis police will ensure all merchandize sold at the time, is official NFL merchandise. Did I mention that the NFL got in this contract that they are exempt from local taxes, so they aren't even paying for these cops.

The NFL has also a guarantee that there will be, with a 6 block radius from the NFL hotel headquarters, a clean zone where protests against the NFL will be banned. Heck, even walking in this area might be restricted.

Minneapolis is like the classical story of someone who sells his soul to the devil to win something that he craves. The amount of private financing that is going to be kicked into these costs, won't cover the massive costs that Minneapolis is going to hold.