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Minneapolis' Keo Nozari finds success in the pop music world

Keo Nozari
Keo Nozari
Keo Nozari

I was able to spend some time interviewing Keo Nozari of Minneapolis for this exclusive interview to share with Examiner and The Hot Zone.

For those not familiar with you can you give some background on yourself and your career?
I’m a mischievous, New York City-based singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer. Originally from Minneapolis but of
Persian and French decent. My new sophomore album LOVE BOUTIQUE was just released with the first single “Acceptable 2 U” now getting radio play on Top 40 and Dance station mixshows. My first album LATE NITE VIP had three successful singles on it including a Billboard Top 20 dance song called “Rewind.” I also have been known to watch marathons of Top Chef for reasons unknown…

Tell us about your writing process do you write the lyrics first and then the music or vice versa?
It varies a lot from song to song! Sometimes I produce and program the track and then write a song over it; other times I just sit at the piano and it pours out; sometimes I glean lyrics from poetry I’ve written or a funny, wild conversation I had with a buddy. Sometimes I get melody ideas and sing them into my phone—people on the street think I’m crazy.

Can we expect to see you out on the road?
Yes! Definitely this fall. My summer is filled with lots of outdoor DJ parties and performances in New York, but come fall I will be traveling in the US and Europe. And if you see me at a State Fair I will likely be seen after a show playing skee ball trying to win one of those big stuffed animals!

Who do you consider some of your top musical influences?

To view the rest of my interview with Keo visit this link


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