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Minneapolis fire: At least three children killed in duplex blaze that took five

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A Minneapolis fire at a duplex has taken the lives of five people, including three children, according to ABC News on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. Before dawn, the fire hit a duplex in a Minneapolis neighborhood, and there was nothing that anyone could do to help until the fire department arrived.

"They were all screaming," neighbor Brandi Craig said, her face twisting with emotion. "Once they stopped screaming, it was over."

Craig could see the flames inside of the duplex across the street as she woke up, and all she could do was helplessly watch. Once firefighters arrived, it took them close to two and a half hours to put out the fire.

Several others were killed in the Minneapolis fire that took the lives of five, but there has been no official cause stated for the fire. Investigators believe it may have started on the second floor of the duplex.

The names of those that died in the fire were not yet released. One of the injured was Troy Lewis who was in decent condition on Friday evening. His two young daughters were in critical condition.

Brandi Craig said that Lewis' wife died from an illness back in Nov. 2013. He lived in the upper level of the duplex with seven children that ranged in ages from one to nine. 15 people total lived in the duplex.

John Fruetel, Minneapolis Fire Chief, said that three children did die at the scene, but no additional information was released about the other two victims.

"There were no disturbances. They were good tenants," property owner Paul Bertelson said, adding that the upper unit included two bedrooms on the second floor, and three on the third floor.

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