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Minneapolis changes Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day

Columbus Day may be entering a brave new world of terminology
Columbus Day may be entering a brave new world of terminology
From Cute Calendar

On April, 25, 2014, the city of Minneapolis passed a measure to shake up the traditional calendar. On the second week of October, the holiday formerly known as Columbus Day will now be referred to as "Indigenous People's Day". This measure comes as a result of a unanimous vote from the city council.

The original Columbus Day holiday was recognized by the government in 1937, and it has been recognized as a major holiday in Minneapolis since its inception. This change comes as a result of both the efforts of civil rights leaders and local government representatives.

The Star Tribune originally ran a story outlining this new development. Rep. Susan Allen and Rep. Keith Ellison were two representatives who have spearheaded this effort. They have also expressed effort in trying to get this measure passed at the state and federal level.

It is important to note that this change is not so much a knock against Christopher Columbus as it is a victory for Native American civil rights. Also, the name of the holiday is not being changed in Minneapolis, but it is being recognized by the updated title, which will be reflected on city messages and the official city calendar.

The re-recognizing of this holiday is the latest in some changes that have been proposed when it comes to official designations that have been deemed offensive to certain ethnic groups. One recent example is the Washington Redskins, a team in the National Football League.

Many have pushed for the re-naming of the team. Even a slight change of one holiday in one city will definitely give some weight to the argument for changing team names, and other titles that have been viewed as offensive in the past.

It remains to be seen if this change for Columbus Day will go further than Minneapolis. It has the potential to gain support and eventually have an impact at the state and even the federal level.

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