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Minn Kota Talon – It’s all about boat control, positioning and catching fish

This white Talon matched pro angler Tim Gibson's hull color.
This white Talon matched pro angler Tim Gibson's hull color.
Ron Presley

The 6- and 8-foot Minn Kota Talon anchors quickly became a favorite among shallow water anglers when they were introduced two years ago. The sturdy construction and all electric operation provided a quick, quiet and dependable way to stop and fish in shallow water. For many this was all that was needed, but others wanted more.

Dual Talons helped Whitey Outlaw and Mike Parrot show off dual crappie.
Ron Presley

Forward-looking Minn Kota designers created two new models that could reach further down the water column. A new series of 10- and 12- foot Minn Kota Talons in an array of new color combinations and improved features hit the market this year.

The new models extend the possibility of vertical anchoring to new depths, but with the same easy installation and operation as the early models. Size-wise the new models are hardly any longer at all. In fact, the 10-foot Talon is the same size as the 6- and 8-foot models. The 12-foot model is only about 5 inches higher. “We were able to get more depth in the spike and the inter workings,” explains Kimber Austin, Marketing/Field Operations Coordinator for Minn Kota.

Austin notes that several features have been enhanced on the new models. “We have upgraded several features on the Talon, one of which is moving the motor to a lower level. The effect is to cut down on vibrations. We also created a soft-bottom mode that allows the spike to retract and not have the full force of penetration. This feature allows better anchoring in silt or other soft-bottom conditions.” Now, when an angler leaves a soft-bottom area the Talon retracts much easier that on the older models without this feature.

Each Talon comes with two remotes and a second dual remote can be purchased separately. “The dual remote allows the angler to operate two talons simultaneously for quick and accurate boat positioning.”

Pro crappie angler Whitey Outlaw is a staunch advocate of the Talon. “The response time on the Talons is much quicker than my previous anchor. If I find structure and catch a fish or two, whether on a stump or a brush pile, I just hit the down button and I’m locked in almost instantly right on top of the structure and the fish.”

With the new models, explains Outlaw, “You can do this up to 12-feet deep. Talon is the only shallow water anchoring system on the market that can go that deep.”

Because he often deals with both hard- and soft-bottom conditions, Outlaw has high praise for the Talon’s ability to anchor in either. “It has a soft-bottom setting or a hard-bottom setting,” comments Outlaw. “With the hard bottom setting three different stabs in the bottom results in solid anchoring. On the soft-bottom setting they just go down and stick the bottom once. Talons help catch fish more efficiently, including in high winds or current because they will hold the boat no matter what.”

When the winds do come up or the angler is operating in high current conditions the Talon can be switched to Rough Water mode. Now, the Auto-Drive feature will drive the spike three additional times at ten-second intervals. The result is secure positioning in rough water conditions.

Catering always to the angler, Minn Kota also developed a wireless foot switch to give hands free operation. “The wireless switch,” says Austin, ‘will operate a single Talon or dual Talons depending on programing.”

Another new feature is a tilt bracket that allows the operator to lay the Talon horizontal by pushing one lever. “This feature allows the boat to go under a low bridge, overhangs or garage door openings.”

Austin also explains the ease of installation. “If your boat has a flat transom the Talon will mount directly to the transom. If you have a curved transom you mount the Talon using either of two available brackets. One bracket accommodates a jack plate installation on either the port or starboard side of your boat. The other bracket mounts the Talon by using a bracket between the transom and the motor.” These bracket systems are referred to as sandwich-style mounts. All are universal and very durable.

The icing on the cake is the new color schemes. The 10- and 12-foot Talons are available in black, blue, red, silver and black and silver and white. There are also travel covers available for all lengths and quick-disconnect systems if you don’t want the Talons on the boat all the time.

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