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Ministry Door County Medical Center growing with community

For a great number of residents in Kewaunee County, the Ministry Door County Medical Center, located in Sturgeon Bay, is their closest in-patient hospital--and that is a great boon to our community. Recently named one of the top critical access hospitals, it is also federally-recognized as a "rural critical access hospital", which means it has under 25 in-patient beds while providing outstanding care to its patients as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle through its highly-active, engaging community involvement.
Ministry currently operates four local health clinics, located at Washington Island, Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay, and Algoma.
The non-profit, nationally-recognized in-patient hospital and its network of affiliated clinics continue to increase their community involvement as well as local health and wellness awareness, said Kevin Grohskopf, Ministry Door County Medical Center's Chief Business Development Officer.
Grohskopf has worked in hospital health care for nearly 25 years in a diversity of capacities, including art direction, strategic planning, communications, and community outreach, to name a few. He holds a Bachelor's of Arts in communications and design from UW-Madison and a Master's of Business Administration from Edgewood College.
Now the Chief Business Development Officer at Ministry Door County Medical Center, Grohskopf has held his current position for nearly three years. He wears a variety of hats and is responsible for marketing, community outreach, and media relations.
The Catholic hospital has maintained a significant presence in the community for about 70 years, Grohskopf said, and has been at its present location since 1963 when it was called Door County Memorial Hospital. In 1999, it joined Ministry Health Care and became Ministry Door County Medical Center in 2010.
Grohskopf said that Ministry Door County's mission is straightforward: "Our mission as a Catholic health care system is to improve the health and well-being of all people with a special focus on the vulnerable and the poor in the community.
"Over the years, Ministry has continued to expand and keep up with the demands and expectations of the community," he continued. "We have a cancer center in collaboration with St. Vincent's Hospital in Green Bay (for) oncology, we have a women's health center and a children's health center, we have two orthopedic surgeons so we have a full, comprehensive orthopedic surgery programs on hand where we do joint replacements, we have three OB/GYNs on-staff which is unusual for a small, rural hospital...we also have a comprehensive rehab services program which comprises physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy."
In terms of the ACA (Affordable Health Care Act, i.e. Obamacare), health care reform has had a definitive impact on Ministry's health care programs and services, Grohskopf said.
Per the requirements of the ACA, an assessment was completed by Grohskopf's team, the Door County Health Department, and a number of non-profit organizations and revealed that our neighbor to the north needed health care improvement in three specific areas: mental health, oral health, and combating obesity through proper nutrition and exercise.
Door County has clearly benefitted immensely from Ministry's health care services and programs. Kewaunee County has also profited from Ministry's preventative health care programs as well, provided by North Shore Ministry's Clinic in Algoma, headed up by Dr. Nathan Hayes.
"We are involved in a lot of things happening in Algoma since we have a clinic there," Grohskopf said. "We have been involved with the Algoma School District and some of the other community activities there such as North Shore's 'Walk the Walk with Dr. Nate'."
"Since 1999, Door County Medical Center has had its own dental clinic (so) for the last 14 years we have been providing oral care to the younger folks of Door County and Kewaunee County," Grohskopf added.
As head of Ministry's occupational health and wellness program, Grohskopf works with local businesses, school districts, and government--often with on-site nursing staff--to implement programs that focus primarily on preventative health such as exercise, nutrition, and sleep, he said.
"We have a strong relationship with the YMCA and we partner with them to bring some of these programs to the community...we are always looking at new ways to promote health and wellness in the community," he added.
"One area we are really focusing on is the Algoma area and we have done market research to identify what the community's needs are and one of the things we found is that residents said what they really need is a health and wellness program or a health and wellness facility," he said.
Without a hospital in the area, our residents in Kewaunee County are underserved, Grohskopf said.
"Over the course of the next year or two, I think residents of Kewaunee County will see that Ministry will be partnering with them to create a healthier community in the county," he said.
Grohskopf said that the community care program at the hospital as well as its network of clinics can assist those who are uninsured, depending on their circumstances.
One of the major trends in hospital services, Grohskopf said, is that there has been a dramatic switch in revenues. Years ago, most hospital revenues were obtained via in-patient services as opposed to out-patient services. The current trend, due in part to medical advances, has resulted in shorter in-patient stays, thereby reversing that trend, he said.
Grohskopf added: "Our focus is on health and wellness and helping people maintain their health (as well as) providing that expertise to help them live longer, healthier lives.
"There are a lot of things that differentiate ourselves from our competitors like the larger hospitals in Green Bay, one of those things is our new, wonderful facility here with all-new medical/surgical rooms, including our private birthing suites and our expanded emergency room...our facility is great and we have a huge selection of specialists on staff that you would not (ordinarily) see in a rural community...," Grohskopf concluded. "Another thing that differentiates us is that we are so involved in the community, we sponsor things from silent sports activities (marathons and triathlons) to Algoma's summer concert series...we sponsor so many things because we want to give back to the community, we are a smaller hospital but we are one of the best."

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