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Minister preaches about grace as pastor celebrates fifth anniversary

Pastor Keith Edmonds celebrates 5th Anniversary
Pastor Keith Edmonds celebrates 5th Anniversary
Margaret Minnicks

On Sunday, Feb. 9, Rev. Margaret Minnicks, associate minister at New Canaan Worship Center preached during the morning service to help the pastor of Koinonia Christian Church in Richmond, Virginia celebrate his fifth anniversary.

Pastor Keith Edmonds celebrates 5th Anniversary
Margaret Minnicks

Rev. Minnicks based her sermon on Hebrews 6:10 that says:

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Since it was Pastor Edmonds' fifth anniversary, Rev. Minnicks used as a subject: "Serving With Diligence and Grace."As an introduction into the sermon, Rev. Minnicks focused on the subject of grace and explained how Pastor Edmonds has served for five years because of his diligence and because of God's grace.

She also let the congregation know that they have played a major part in helping the pastor along the way. Then she outlined some areas in which the people have helped their pastor to get to this point.

Ways the people have helped their pastor

Some have held up the pastor's arms when he became weak like Moses in Exodus 17. As long as Moses kept his arms raised, the Israelites were winning, but as some as Moses got tired and lowered his arms, the Amalekites were winning in the valley below. At Koinonia, someone has held up Pastor Edmonds' arms when he became tired and lowered his arms instead of pointing upward toward God.

During the last five years, someone has caused the pastor to learn "knee theology." They have kept him on his knees praying over some situation that concerned them.

During the last five years, someone has practiced "ax sharpens ax" as they encouraged Pastor Edmonds to "keep on keeping on."

During the last five years, someone has spurred the pastor on knowing that if they pushed him along, they too would reach their destiny.

During the last five years, pastor and people have practiced Matthew 6:33 to first seek God with the expectation that all things will be added unto them.

When Paul prayed for the thorn to be removed from his flesh, God told him in essence to keep his thorn because God's grace was sufficient. Rev. Minnicks advised Pastor Edmonds that someone in his congregation might be thorns in his flesh, but keep them anyway because God promised "My grace is sufficient" (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Grace means "sufficiency, enough, and fulfillment." In other words, when God told Paul and Pastor Edmonds "My grace is sufficient," He was saying, "My sufficiency is sufficient," "My enoughness is enough," and "My fulfillment is fulfilled."

At the end of the sermon, Rev. Minnicks asked the pastor and people to stand as she charged them to continue to go into their sixth year together serving with God's grace.

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