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Minister Joshua McClain presents the "Freedom Homeland Concert" in Jackson, MS

With so many problems in the world it is easy to feel like you are held hostage by trouble at home, work or even within yourself. Crime is on the rise, and for many they can't see their way out.

Minister and Recording Artist Joshua McClain
Igor Butorsky

During times like this individuals are standing up, taking a stand and showing others that there is a way to find freedom. One such individual is minister and recording artist Joshua McClain of Mississippi.

I was first introduced to him in 2013 with his single DREAM ON. This year he is not just sharing the message of his single HAPPY DAY but hosting an event called the FREEDOM HOMELAND CONCERT in Jackson, MS on Sat. May 31st at Greater Tree of Life Church (3102 Monticello Drive * Jackson, MS 39212) from 12-6p.m.

"I love my music," McClain said to me during our conversation about the event, but he realizes its bigger than just him. "When you have a gift that God has given you then you have to keep on pursuing it.It's not about us. it's all about trying to be a blessings to someone else."

That is what he hopes those who attend the Freedom Homeland Concert realize: you might be going through a struggle in your life, but there is a breakthrough ahead.

McClain says that God gave him the vision for this event after a recent trip to Maryland for a conference. "We need freedom from what holds us back," he says, and that is what he wants to share.

The day will begin at 12p.m. with a candlelight community prayer to address the issues not just of Mississippi but the whole nation. After that there will be performances by artists like Ontario Showers & Delivered, The Bass Brothers, Chad Perry, Fransha Blount and more. McClain will also be debuting a new song called "The Freedom Homeland Song" ironically just in time for Memorial Day.

For ticket or vendor information call Joshua McClain at 601.317.0560 or visit

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