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Minister facilitates workshop: 'Women Working Together For the Lord'

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On Saturday, Rev. Margaret Minnicks, associate minister of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia facilitated a workshop at First Antioch Baptist Church in Powhatan, Virginia where the pastor is Rev. Vera A. Rhyne. The title of the workshop was "Women Working Together For the Lord."

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Rev. Minnicks started the workshop with about 60 women from various churches in the Powhatan area by asking for two volunteers to come forward to be chairpersons of their groups. Then he asked the chairperson to choose five persons to be on their team. Rev. Minnicks asked the chairpersons why they selected those women. Then she asked each woman what did she bring to her group. The answers varied illustrating that people bring individual gifts, talents and characteristics to a group to be mixed with others' gifts, talents, and characteristics. Still proving that women can work together with their differences, Rev. Minnicks asked some women from one group to exchange places with women from the other group. Even though the dynamics changed, each group still had what it needed to work together for the Lord.

Afterward the icebreaker, Rev. Minnicks passed out handouts with a list of about 20 characteristics that are needed for women to work together for the Lord. Many of the characteristics were the same as the women had voiced that they were bringing to their group. The teaching minister pointed out the list she used was not exhaustive because there are so many other positive characteristics can be added to the list.

Rev. Minnicks began by saying in order for women or anyone else to work effectively for God, they must know God and what He commands in His word especially since the Bible is God's diary that points out what's on His mind and what's in His heart. Then the minister pointed out many other characteristics that women need in order to work together including such topics as communication, being supportive, having different perspectives, being compassionate, having the ability to listen, keeping a positive attitude, having respect for others, practicing humility, and being able to work together in a team since there is no "i" in the word "team."

The last characteristic Rev. Minnicks discussed was interdependence as she pointed out that we need each other to work effectively for God. She asked the group to sing lyrics from Hezekiah Walker's popular song "I Need You, You Need Me To Survive" to illustrate this point. To further illustrate the point, she ended the workshop with a profound story that was printed on the handout.

The story was about a man who was given the opportunity to visit heaven and hell. First, he saw that in hell there was a long banquet table of food of every kind set out before the people, but they were not eating and were very sad. That was because they had a long handle fork and knife, but they couldn't bend their elbows to use the utensils.

When the man was shown heaven the people were sitting at a long banquet table with all kinds of foods. They had long handle forks and knives as well. They couldn't bend their elbows to feed themselves. However, everyone was happy because they were enjoying the delicious foods. Each person in heaven was feeding the person sitting across the table from him and he was being fed in return.

The people in hell were unable to eat because they were trying to feed only themselves. In order to work effectively for God, we need to work together. We need to feed each other.