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Mining protest by Tibetans leads to crackdown by Chinese police

Tibetans protesting in the USA
Tibetans protesting in the USA
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The situation in Tibet remains as usual tense. Most recently the Chinese police cracked down on Tibetans over a mining protest reported the Central Tibetan Administration on July 2, 2014. Sources have said several Tibetans in Martak Village in Yamayultso township, Dechen county have been arrested and brutally beaten by the Chinese police.

Morguefile/Free photo

There was a peaceful protest by Tibetans dealing with the excessive mining in their locality by a Chinese company. The protesters were urging the Chinese authorities to quickly stop the mining activities. Tibetans have said a Chinese company began mining a sacred hill located near a Tibetan township for copper. The Chinese firm built an unauthorized road from the hill to the town and restricted local Tibetans from visiting the area. Tibetans were also barred from visiting a lake which is located near the hill.

When a group of unhappy Tibetans from the township went to the site in order to demand that the mining activities be stopped an altercation broke out between the two sides. When hundreds of Chinese police and military personnel arrived at the site they started beating and arresting the Tibetan protesters instead of trying to resolve the dispute. After arrests of several Tibetan protesters were made and several Tibetans were wounded the Chinese authorities warned that they have an order to kill if they continue their protests.

There were nine Tibetans arrested in the in anti-mining protests in Dechen County reports After the police crack down in the area witnesses said they saw a Tibetan woman and a man lying unconscious on the ground. When local Tibetans visited the county office with an appeal for the release of the arrested Tibetans the Chinese authorities warned them they would lose their lives if they continued their protests of mining operations in the area. There is clearly no end in sight to the repressive situation for Tibetans.

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