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Minimum wage workers want at least $15 an hour

More and more low wage workers want a big raise. There is a growing call for a $15 minimum wage that would help people who have struggled at the bottom of the pay scales for years live at a higher standard. President Barack Obama has called for an increase in minimum wage. It is not clear whether or not such a pay increase is possible.

"I work hard, very hard at a fast food restaurant. I have to deal with difficult customers and I don't get paid very much. I think I should be making $20 an hour. I deserve it. I have years of experience and my restaurant needs me. I offer a lot to my employer," said Steven Perkins.

"Everyone wants more money. But the problem is that the people who are working at lower end jobs would need more skill and experience to be worth more money. Many restaurants need people who are willing to work for less money. The people who do these jobs gain valuable experience and they can move up after a few months or years," said Cindy Sealer.

"I don't think the government should be involved in setting wages and salaries for workers. People should be paid what an employer believes they are worth and no more. A minimum wage sets an artificial pay scale that is bad for everyone. It is bad for business and people who need a job," said Wayne Kuhlman.

Younger people who need experience are glad they can get a lower paying job. "Of course I would like to be making more money. But because I can have a minimum wage job, I can be employed at a store. I am getting experience and eventually I will get a better job," said Heather Lowery.

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