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Minimum wage, when morality trumps reality

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In old news the staffing firm of Express Employment Professionals interviewed 1213 business owners and found that 38% of them would layoff workers if Obama raises the minimum wage. This is old math since artificially increasing labor cost could only compel business to cut workers in order to meet the new price of labor. You hardly need a study to figure it out.

But math and reality are nothing when faced against moral certitude. In this case there is no compromise, what is right is right. The "poor" and the "middle class" are suffering and this is a social "injustice". Workers are victims and by convention businesses are villains. Therefore the study must be faulty or rigged by greedy misanthropic plutocrat's who hate the poor.

Early winter the president woke up one morning and arbitrarily decided that the minimum wage ought to be increased. Why? Well why not? If he calls for the increase he is certain his band of followers will then suddenly feel it's necessary too just because he does and what he says is correct 6000% of the time.

The media will comply with the new order and show graphs on television and interview sorry saps who live in tents in some far away town. A race angle will be introduced showing that minorities suffer the most and then the stage will be set.

And what stage is that? Obama and his followers are running things and have been able to force citizens into a new health care system that has become a disaster. The economy isn't growing and as a result lost 20 million workers ( "but it created, or saved a million jobs") and all this has made the president unpopular as in approval rating in the 30's unpopular. Instead of deploying the up-hill battle of sophistry in attempt to show things as they aren't it is far better to change the subject. Minimum wage is that subject. The opposition will then be cast as oppressors of the poor and "middle class" who "favor the rich". Morality trumps reality. It is not a matter of good or bad policy but good people versus evil greedy racists.

In the meantime there will be more people out of work and it will hit the lowest earners the hardest. None of that matters for the opportunistic politician who will willingly sacrifice his constituents (a group of workers that number in a fraction of 1% of the workforce) and is counting on his followers to feel good about themselves for being on the right side of moral justice where reason has no place, independent thinking has no relevance. We are right because we are good and if you disagree, you have ill intent and with views and opinions that have no legitimacy.

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