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Minimum wage poll doesn’t ask the right questions and neither do Democrats

Truth about raising the minimum wage
Truth about raising the minimum wage

In a poll published by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center yesterday, they asked Granite Staters if they thought the minimum wage should be raised. Governor Hassan talked about it in her speech yesterday and Democrats have brought forth state legislation to raise the minimum wage up to $9.00 in the next couple of years. There is also legislation at the national level to raise minimum wage. The question below is what was asked in the poll:

Let’s turn to the state’s minimum wage law. A bill in the legislature would raise the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour next year and $9.00 the year after. Would you favor or oppose this increase in the state minimum wage or don’t you know enough about this to say

Unfortunately this question isn’t as cut and dry as many may think. There are many ramifications to raising the minimum wage, something the government shouldn’t be involved with in the first place. Some questions that would have resulted in much different answers but would have been more accurate based on historical evidence follow:

If the questions above had been asked, the outcome of the poll would most likely be different. Democrats use ‘emotions’ to preach increasing the minimum wage without discussing the ramifications, reality and historical research and with complete disregard to ‘Economics 101’. While it may ‘feel good’ to believe raising the minimum wage would actually help low-income workers, the harsh reality is that it won’t lift anyone out of poverty (they can only do that themselves by getting better skills or seeking better jobs) and will actually hurt many from even getting into the workforce. The UNH poll just doesn’t ask the right questions. It’s high time voters start asking the right questions of legislators pushing these laws and demanding honest answers.