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Minimum Wage: GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin makes wild claim

American low wage workers are demanding livable wages. GOP politicians support low wages with wild claims.
American low wage workers are demanding livable wages. GOP politicians support low wages with wild claims.
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The US minimum wage is woefully behind other advanced countries. But according to Huffington Post, politicians like Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) claim that raising the minimum wage will cause everything to massively increase in cost. Rep. Mullin continued by preaching that if the minimum wage is increased to $10 per hour, the cost of a fast food burger cost will skyrocket to $20.

It would be interesting to know where Rep. Mullin obtained this information, especially when you understand that Australia's minimum wage is $16.37 per hour.

If one dines at a McDonald's in Australia, the cost for an Angus Burger averages AU$5.95. But in the United States, the cost for the same burger is around $5.34, which is only a 61 cent increase.

Low Worker Wages Increases Tax Burden

The United States minimum wage now ranks 24 out of 25 richest countries in the world. That fact alone points to a huge problem.

Walmart is infamous for paying low wages. Yet Walmart enjoys a huge profit margin, netting billions of dollars annually. Yet many Walmart workers are paid so little that they qualify for government assistance, such as SNAP, all funded by American taxpayers.

This means that American taxpayers are forced to pay more taxes, in order to financially supplement low wage-workers, so executives and shareholders can keep more money.

In the USA, executives are allowed to pay themselves huge compensation packages, while forcing their workers into a welfare state of living, at the expense of American taxpayers.

The Real Job Creators

Jobs will be created when people start spending money. When demand for products and services increases, jobs are created to meet the increased demand.

But if people do not have extra spending money, resulting from low wages, the entire economy suffers from lack of demand.

It's About Ethical Patriotism

Unfortunately politicians like Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) are more interested in supporting corporate interests. They still believe the false assumption that trickle down economics works for all. But in reality, only the top one percent have benefited from Reaganomics.

It’s past time for all politicians to face reality and start working for the betterment of the United States as a whole.


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