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Minimum wage bill is defeated

The bill designed to increase the federal minimum wage was defeated on Wednesday in the United States Senate, according to a Huffington Post report at midday on Wednesday. The Senate Republicans stopped the Democrats in their tracks as the Democrats continually try to come up with measures that will make them more popular among Americans – something they desperately need to do before the November midterm elections. The Democrats took a major hit in popularity after the nation’s reaction to the rollout of Obamacare last October.

U.S. Congress: Senate side of the building in Washington, D.C.

The defeat of the minimum wage bill is also a major setback for President Barack Obama. He has spent much of his time – if not most of his time - on the minimum wage issue when he is at home in the United States. He is accused of trying to increase his low approval rating across the nation in spite of what is realistic for the nation's economy and for American business owners.

Obama and his Democratic politicians have asserted that raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do for the country. Republican politicians, being more business-minded, do not believe a mandatory wage hike for all Americans is the right route to go. Republicans assert that it would cause businesses to cut more work-hours which have already been drastically cut for many Americans due to the Obamacare law and also cause business owners to greatly reduce their work force - more than they already have done to survive Obamacare's requirements.

The negatives of increasing the minimum wage at this time in the United States was supported by a Commerce Department report that was released on Wednesday also. The Commerce Department report revealed that the economy only grew at a 0.1 percent rate in the first quarter of 2014. Another negative, of course, is that the cost of just about everything would increase across the nation as business owners would be forced to pay higher wages. The increased wages would be on top of the now-mandated Obamacare costs which have been put on business owners across the nation.

The minimum wage bill failed in a test vote and wasn’t even close to passing the Senate. The final tally was 54-to-42. The bill, which was introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin – a Democrat from Iowa – would have gradually raised the current $7.25 hourly minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. The new minimum wage would have been reached in just 30 months. Beyond that, there would have been an automatic annual increase in the minimum wage to follow the nation’s economic inflation.

While the Democrats say that the bill would put a family of three above the federal poverty line, others say that with all of the alterations that would take place in the economy due to a mandatory wage increase, the poverty line would obviously be altered to a higher amount. Therefore, the amount of poverty would not improve in the nation. A non-partisan Congressional Budget Office study in February also supports the Republican’s assertions. The study said that increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 would have the effect of eliminating approximately 500,000 jobs – on top of the current dismal unemployment rate in the United States, according to a Fox report.

Critics of the Democrats in Congress say that they continue to support grossly overspending the federal money which pushes the nation further and further in deat. Now, it is stated that they are demanding that American business persons spend like they do. Unfortunately, the obvious happens to business owners. Businesses don’t stay in business when they run out of money. Republicans accuse the Democrats of constantly making bad - yet popular - decisions in an effort to please the “far left” when election time nears. Democrats continue to blame the Republicans of shooting down their ideas that they say will help people in this economy.

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