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Minimize cellulite naturally with dry skin brushing

Dry Skin Brushing for Visible Cellulite Reduction

For less than $10 and a few minutes of time in your day, you can naturally minimize cellulite, increase circulation, and get fresher looking skin through a technique called dry skin brushing.

Every woman has body flaws. Every woman. Eighty percent of women have visible cellulite. And if you're reading an article titled "minimize cellulite," you're likely part of the club.

As a beauty product promoter, I’ve promoted skincare products various times designed to reduce cellulite. My favorite women to talk to were the ones who had no shame in admitting they, like me, had cellulite, and what the heck are we going to do about this issue. The other type was in denial. They would stare at me and stammer “well I don’t’ have that problem" (with a big emphasis on “I”). Ok. Ok. And I’m sure you have the perfect relationship too that never needs work to improve. But for the rest of us, we can admit our flaws and then work to do something about them. And there’s something you can do about this flaw.

Why Dry Skin Brushing:
Dry skin brushing isn’t new. I’ve heard of it for removing toxins from the body. And while toxins are bad, for some crazy reason, finding out that it would minimize cellulite and body flaws (flaky skin, stretch marks) was what made me finally try it. How superficial of me.

In the booklet, The Homeostasis Protocol, Blake Sawyer devotes an entire section on the book to the importance of draining our lymphatic system. Dry skin brushing is a method mentioned to drain the lymph, aiding with digestion, circulation and removing toxins.

What Type of Brush to Get:
Buy a brush made with natural bristles. The brand I bought at my local health foods store is Earth Therapeutics . The vegetable fiber brush on their website is under $10.

How to Do It:
Start at your feet and brush upwards in long strokes towards your heart. Move up your legs and then to your arms and finally your chest. If it scratches your skin and is painful, you’re pushing too hard on the handle. I dare say it is almost like a massage. Almost. Dry skin brushing is recommended one to two times a day. I keep the brush in my bathroom in a spot where I remember to use it before I jump in the bathtub.

There’s no miracle cure for cellulite. There’s also no perfect relationship. Work with what you’ve got, and make it perfectly you.

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