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Minimal evening wear

Design by Antonio Berardi. Photo credit: Marcio Madeira /
Design by Antonio Berardi. Photo credit: Marcio Madeira /

Minimal style evening wear by way of the west
has resembled traditional, and modest Islamic
fashion for years. Photo credit: Marcio Madeira/

I love the minimal look. I also love the over-the-top, wearing-so-much-jewelry-you-can't-see-your-arm look, but unlike all things minimal, frou frou doesn't work everywhere. Like, you couldn't show up at the school PTA meeting looking like Mr. T. Unless you are Mr. T, and you happen to be a member of the PTA.

Minimalism is so where it's at. It's so beautiful, and open, and it transcends seasons, fashions, and even architecture, and design. More and more A-list celebrities are wearing minimal gowns by designers like Calvin Klein, Rachel Roy, and even Versace. But whenever I see these clean designs coming down the runways, or at fashion galas where the most famous are clad in simple looks, I always think of Muslim women's fashion, and basic pieces like the traditional abaya seen on many Muslim women all over the world. Sure you have the classic black, and powder blue, and of course, white, but even these traditional garments are becoming more and more catered toward the modern Muslim women. They're dressing them up for wedding-appropriateness, dressing them down for more casual wear, and adding hoodies and pockets for functionality.

I love these minimally-styled gowns, but what I love more is that the women who wear them have so much confidence, their natural radiance says so much more than material embellishments ever could.


  • Wali's sis 5 years ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Less is More.. just like when you see someone on an ordinary day--- with so much gawdy makeup.. it looks so clownish... Love these dressess

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