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Mini tornado raises the roof at LAEC


Photo by Carolyn Bahr

Boarders in the LA Equestrian Center’s elite “C” barn got quite a shock Wednesday morning as what can only be described as a "mini tornado" tore a large section of the roof off the barn.  Eyewitness Kris Di Carlo, a trainer who was on horseback at the time, saw the funnel cloud gather strength and then suddenly pieces of “C” barns roof went flying past him.  Gina Groth, a rider who was near the barn at the time, agreed that it was very loud and scary for a few moments.  But, she reported, most of the valuable show horses that were in the barn took it all in stride.  These are horses that have flown coast to coast for shows, after all, so it takes more than a tornado to shake them up.  

Another eye witness saw the large pieces of metal root swirl in a funnel sheap and lift up over the Equestian Center's tall electrical towers and fly beyond the cement banks of the Los Angeles River.  Reports of the making it all the way to the freeway are unconfirmed. 

Fortunately no people or animals were injured as a result of the incident.