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Mini black hole created by scientists

The omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber
The omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber
Institute of Physics
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Researchers in China have built a microwave frequency electromagnetic absorbing device, reports Made of a thin cylinder that contains 60 concentric metamaterial rings, the device is capable of microwave radiation absorption, which makes it comparable to a black hole found in space.

Qiang Cheng and Tie Jun Cui from the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at Southeast University in Nanjing, China, designed and built this device, which is called a "omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber". The scientists arranged 60 strips of circuit board in copper coated concentric layers, each imprinted with alternating patterns that either resonate in electromagnetic waves or don't.

The device acts as an 'electromagnetic black hole' by trapping and absorbing electromagnetic waves coming form different directions as they spiral the radiation inwards, which converts its energy into heat with a 99% rate of absorption.

Right now this device only works with microwaves, but the researchers are working on developing a visible light black hole.

The scientists hope that the device can help in developing ways to find applications in thermal emitting and harvesting of electromagnetic waves. used materials acquired from the Institute of Physics for this story.

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