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Ming's Noodle Bar has long and delicious legacy

Amanda and Chef Fai Jow smile for the camera!
Amanda and Chef Fai Jow smile for the camera!
Jill Meredith 2014

Chef Fai Jow was the guest chef at this week’s Tasting Oklahoma. Somewhat legendary in the Tulsa area, his family owned Ming’s Palace in the 20s as well as Pagoda and his brother still owns Golden Palace.

As personable as he is talented in the kitchen, Chef Jow kept everyone entertained and well fed as we worked our way through five fantastic courses, complete with wine pairings.

A native Tulsan, Chef Jow has worked in other cities, and even developed his Three Dragons Chili Oil in Austin. After getting his chili oil into Reasor’s stores, he moved back to Oklahoma and opened Ming’s Noodle Bar two months ago.

The restaurant is located at 35th and Peoria in the Consortium. It is in the spot that was formerly The Brasserie, Monty’s and Montrachet.

He cooks the food that he likes. His food is an eclectic mix of Thai Japanese and more with a nod to Oklahoma with his Brisket Fried Rice and Egg Foo Young.

The evening’s menu actually was composed of several of my personal favorites. I think from the enthusiastic response that he received, the studio audience agreed too.

The first course was Kombu seaweed salad with hearts of romaine and a side of pickled cucumber kimchi and pickled bamboo shoots. For those who don't know, Kimchi is a preserved Napa cabbage that can be preserved anywhere between two weeks and two years. Tonight's version was aged about 12 days, according to the chef. The salad itself was made with Kombu seaweed and topped with a house-made Green Empress dressing, made with Thai basil. All of this was paired with the Zardetto Prosecco.

The second course was coconut soup with silken tofu and shitake mushrooms. Beautifully seasoned with just a hint of sweetness, this soup is refreshing even on a hot summer day. Made with a chicken stock base it does not taste like a melted Pina Colada. It has wondrous flavor, with just the right amount of texture from the tofu and mushrooms. The broth is also flavored with galangal, ginger and soy with makes for a complex yet delicately seasoned soup that is simply fabulous. It was paired with Emiliana Natura Chardonnay.

The third course was Spicy chicken udon noodles It was truly amazing to watch the chef cook all of this course and the next one too in a nifty contraption composed of a cast iron wok atop a stand and a stem-ware crate, fueled by a propane tank. Spicy from chili pepper pods, this dish is is moderately spicy with great texture from the dense and pleasantly chewy udon noodles. Ginger, garlic, soy, oyster sauce and more made a wonderful sauce that complemented the noodles quite deliciously. It was paired with Kung Fu Girl Riesling.

The fourth course was Triple Mushroom delight. Shitake, cremini and oyster mushrooms starred in this dish that was delicate and hearty all at the same time. It was served with Royal Jamaican’s crisp and refreshing ginger beer.

No good Asian meal would be complete without fortune cookies – especially when they are paired with Ty Ku Coconut Sake. Tonight, we have all had the good fortune for spending the evening with this very personable chef, Jen his very talented bartender and course after course of fabulous food.

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