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‘Minecraft: Xbox One’ release date, pricing, DLC, and more detailed by developer

Minecraft Xbox One Edition
Minecraft Xbox One Edition
Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission.

4J Studios have disclosed new information concerning the release date, price, and future updates for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. According to a statement made on the studios’ official Twitter account on Aug. 29, the Xbox One version of Minecraft has been sent to Microsoft for certification and will soon be given an official release. The development team has also spoken about future updates, downloadable content, and how players will be able to upgrade from Minecraft: Xbox 360 to Minecraft: Xbox One for a low and affordable price.

With Minecraft: Xbox One Edition now in the hands of Microsoft for final testing, we should hear of an official release date in the near future. The certification process can take between several days to a couple of weeks. If everything goes smoothly, Minecraft: Xbox One should see release for Xbox One in Sept. – likely around the midway point of the month. Find 4J Studios’ full tweet below:

We've handed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition over to Microsoft for final test!

During the latter half of last week, 4J Studios’ Owen Hill and Daniel Kaplan talked with TotalXbox about numerous topics regarding Minecraft on Xbox One. Those with the Xbox 360 version of the game will be pleased to hear that you can upgrade to the Xbox One edition for the low-price of just $5. In order to upgrade for this price and transfer your save data to the new version, there are a couple of steps you must first perform. Basically, if you’ve played Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition online the transfer and upgrade process will be simple. Find their full explanation below:

Owen Hill: The upgrade process, when you've got the $5 upgrade: if you've got it on disc you can transfer that as long as you've played online, basically.

Daniel Kaplan: Yeah, well you need to have had your 360 connected to the web. You don't even need to have a Gold account, we just need to see that this user has been playing Minecraft. The only way for the system to understand that is if this Xbox has been connected.

Lastly, the duo spoke on the topic of future updates and downloadable content. Their first focus is on providing updates as the community will discover bugs that will need fixing. Once updates are released the team will start to look into new content for Minecraft: Xbox One. One of the bits of new content that may be released is the horse update, share Kaplan. This is something that has been planned for a long time and it will likely be a patch update for the game. Find their full statement below:

Daniel Kaplan: I would say mostly just updates, because the community, they find way more stuff, bugs, than our testers are able to do. So [new content] usually comes after a patch. Then I hope we will be able to pull off something else.

Owen Hill: The horse thing is pretty cool. If you don't tame them properly, like you don't control them properly, they jump all over which is a nice touch.

Daniel Kaplan: Yeah it'll probably be a patch update.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition was announced at E3 2013.

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