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‘Minecraft’ Xbox One, PS4 rumored release date revealed by retailer listing

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

While gamers know that the upcoming new-gen editions of Minecraft will be landing on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 later this month, 4J Studios has not yet announced an exact release date for the updated versions of the popular sandbox creation title at this point. However, a report by Now Gamer on Aug 4 has revealed that at least one major retailer is now listing a specific date for the launch of the new Minecraft games.

One user from the Minecraft forums claims to have discovered the release date after asking for a print out from his local GameStop that shows all upcoming Xbox One titles that are currently scheduled to launch on the Xbox One this month. According to the list provided by the retail giant, the popular video game chain has Minecraft: Xbox One Edition dated to launch on Aug 19.

The fact that the date is set on a Tuesday during the middle of the month makes the potential release date seem like it might actually be an expected launch day as opposed to a placeholder date that retailers commonly give when the exact date is unknown. Generally, listings such as this will simply set the date to the final day of the month. Since GameStop has a very deliberate date listed, it is possible that Aug 19 is at least the current targeted date set for the release of the Xbox One edition of Minecraft.

If the retailer listing is correct, fans can also assume that the Playstation 4 and PS Vita versions of Minecraft are also likely to launch on the same day. All three upcoming versions of the block-filled title have been in development at the same time and are all marked to launch this month.

4J Studios recently confirmed that all that is left to do to prepare Minecraft’s Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita editions for release is a final pass at removing bugs from the game. The developer announced that they will soon be sending the titles to undergo certification testing to be cleared to appear on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.