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'Minecraft' Xbox One, PS4 and Vita release dates speculated

'Minecraft PS3 Edition' TU14
'Minecraft PS3 Edition' TU14
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

The "Minecraft Xbox One Edition," "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" release date have been further speculated. A representative from Mojang previously confirmed that the company is targeting a second or third quarter launch for the PS4 and Vita ports. According to a report from Gamer Headlines on May 1, the date may be closer towards the end of summer or earlier fall window.

The website believes that "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" should be coming out sometime between late Aug. and early Sept. in North America. The two ports, along with the PS3 iteration, were officially announced at Sony's press conference during GamesCom 2013, which took place in Aug. of last year. Mojang originally planned the PS4 version to come out at or near the launch of the next-generation system. However, it ended up being delayed.

Instead, only "Minecraft PS3 Edition" was released on the Playstation Store in late 2013. It is also coming out as a retail disc in Europe on May 14 and then North America two days later. The physical version would be updated with the 1.04 patch. You can find a screen of the title update from the official 4J Studios Twitter page with the picture near the top of this article. Players should be able to transfer worlds created from the current-generation console port to "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and possibly "Minecraft Vita Edition."

Mojang has kept quiet on the release date timeframe for "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" although Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios did recently state that Mojang should be providing an update in the near future. Despite the lack of information, Gamer Headlines expect that the Xbox One port may be coming out earlier than the PS4 and Vita iterations. This is because "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" could be "slightly ahead in development" as it was announced at E3 2013, two months earlier than the reveals of "Minecraft" on the Playstation platforms.

Console gamers should be familiar with the developer tasked with the upcoming ports. The team at 4J Studios previously worked on "Minecraft PS3 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition." Outside of the open-world sandbox video game, the company also ported "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" to the PS3 as well as "Banjo-Kazooie," "Banjo-Tooie" and "Perfect Dark" to the Xbox 360. The "Minecraft Xbox One Edition," "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" products are the first time 4J Studios will be working with the Xbox One, PS4 and Vita platforms.