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‘Minecraft’ Xbox One lead producer discusses player count, future updates

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When 4J Studios’ upcoming Xbox One version of Minecraft releases later this summer, the game will allow up to eight players to join single multiplayer sessions. However, Microsoft Studios’ Roger Carpenter revealed on July 7 that the developer plans to increase that number after the game launches thanks to the help of future title updates.

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Carpenter has served as the lead producer on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions of Minecraft. His announcement that the maximum player count of the upcoming new-gen version of the block-filled title cold be increased with future updates isn’t the first time that fans have been told that the game will be improved post-launch. Developer 4J Studios has previously informed players that they will work to continually increase the game’s overall world size through upcoming patches.

When the Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of Minecraft launch this August, the new-gen platforms will be able to support Minecraft worlds that are 36 times larger than what can currently be found on the existing console versions of the game. Even with plans to further increase the map size in the future, the upcoming games will likely never feature infinite worlds like the PC version. This may seem odd as even the smaller Pocket Edition of Minecraft will be getting endless worlds thanks to a new update releasing this Thursday.

Currently scheduled to release later this summer, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Minecraft look to be on track for their August launch date after 4J Studios confirmed earlier this week that they are making good progress on the new editions of the game. Mojang recently revealed that Minecraft has now sold over 50 million copies across all platforms and that console sales have now surpassed sales of the original PC game. With the game coming soon to a new generation of platforms, those sales figures are expected to reach new milestones.