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'Minecraft Xbox One Edition' multiplayer, patch updates and more details posted

'Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition' Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2
'Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition' Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Some multiplayer and patch update details have been posted for the upcoming "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." According to a report from Total Xbox on May 14, the port is expected to take advantage of the Xbox One console with the some enhancements being made to the various features, including the expansion of the multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, all companies involved with the project have not yet disclosed what the improved online elements will be. Up to eight players can play in the same session on the Xbox 360.

One of the main differences between "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" is the size of the worlds. The next-generation version is expected to let players create exponentially bigger areas. Furthermore, worlds created from the Xbox 360 iteration can also be transported to the upcoming release.

The development team is also expected to regularly release patches for "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." The title updates should feature a mix of new features coming from the original PC version as well as Xbox-specific additions. A new patch should arrive at the same time on the two Xbox iterations although the exact release time could vary.

"Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" and "Minecraft PS3 Edition" has been updated to the equivalent of the 1.3.1 version from the original PC game. It is unknown if the current-generation consoles will be able to add more features from the computer iteration due to the technical limitations. "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" should be more easier due to the more powerful hardware.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft recently declared that a release date announcement for the upcoming Xbox One port will be made by Mojang in the relatively near future. "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" have already been confirmed to come out sometime before the start of Oct. All three ports are being developed at 4J Studios, the same development team responsible for the existing PS3 and Xbox 360 editions. The screen attached near the top of this article contains an image of the current-generation port from the official 4J Studios Twitter page.

Although "Minecraft" is three years old, the open-world sandbox video game just keeps on selling on a consistent basis. The original PC game recently reached the 15 million copies milestone while "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" is not too far behind with 12 million copies. The PS3 port, which came out in Dec. of 2013, managed to racked up 1.5 million units in sale so far. The franchise should reach new heights with the launches of "Minecraft PS4 Edition," "Minecraft Vita Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" later this year.

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